Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wish I Had That- Funky Chandeliers

 Today on Wish I Had That, I have a beautiful variety of chandeliers to show you.  There are so many funky and colorful chandeliers I have seen online that it was hard for me to narrow them down.  I am in love with chandeliers that people have painted right now, but I also threw a few others in there that were irresistible.  I want to paint one the chandeliers in my house so bad, but so far I haven't gotten up my nerve.  I had a hard time finding the original source on a few of these, so if you happen to know the original source, shoot me a comment and I will be happy to fix it.  Are you ready for some eye candy for the ceiling?  Sit back and enjoy!

could do something similar - but paint chandelier blue/ teal

The painted chandelier could be really interesting for a DIY project if the shape was nice but the finish wasn't.

Painted Chandelier

the magic of a little spray paint: thrift store chandelier and stools

Spray paint a chandelier

Turn a boring builder's grade chandelier into a glimmering statement piece with hot glue and inexpensive Mardi Gras beaded necklaces.

Beautiful turquoise...


Pinned Image

Ceiling medallion with 'Sweet Dreams' letters glued on, and an inexpensive chandelier painted to match.  Jaime, you could always put, 'Always Kiss me Goodnight'.  Love this.

I've been looking for a pretty and cheap chandelier for a while. I'm convinced they don't exist. This pic has persuaded me to purchase one of the ugly brass chandeliers from our local thrift store and spray paint with Rust-oleum.

Could I spray paint my chandelier to give it a pop of color. I kind of likey.

Salvaged Chandelier: Before you get rid of that outdated chandelier in the dining room, grab a bottle of spray paint. The brighter the better when it comes to refurbishing lighting in your home.  #living #room #livingroom #purple #flowers #girly #glamorous #painting #interior #design #bar #room #dining #room #armchair #chair #side #table #lamp #couch #curtains #dining #paint #pink #white #yellow # Lilly #Pulizer #chandelier #Honeysuckle #pink #molding #floral

What do you think of this trend towards painted chandeliers?  Have you tried it?  Or would you be brave enough?  It is great to find a thrifted one, then you aren't losing much if it doesn't work out.  Which if these is your favorite?  I don't think I can choose a favorite today, although you know I love a pop of red!  Man I wish I had one of these Chandy's!  I hope you enjoyed the show today.  Bye now!