Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wish I Had That- Cozy Window Seats

Well, after three glorious snow days in a row, I will be back at work this morning!  it is so hard to get back on schedule because when I am not working, I am naturally a night owl.  But I will power through it.  I am sure there will be lots on my plate at school since the kids have been off for 5 days straight.

So, who does not love a gorgeous window seat?  All my life I have longed for one, but to no avail.  I don't know what it is about them, but when I see a pretty one it draws me in and I just want to lounge there with a good book, or enjoy the view, or a little of both.  Some of them just make you want to take a nap there.  I rounded up some window seats that I love for your viewing enjoyment today, and boy do I wish one of these were mine!  I have done my best to link back to the original source here, so if you don't see a link under the picture that is because I was unable to find one.

This one is my favorite of all.  It is simple, yet breathtaking.  Look at that window that is being held open with that rope!  And can we talk about the view?  I could sit right there for hours and never get tired of it.  I can just smell the air, hear the sounds, and feel that gentle breeze right now.  It is calling my name!

The stuff dreams are made of... this window seat is absolutely dreamy. Can you picture yourself sitting here reading, or just staring off into the abyss? We can!

This one is a bunk bed, window seat, and library all in one.  Not to mention the detail work of that wood.  So inviting.  

A window seat with build in bookshelf for reading on the rainy days and a bed above it. How is this not the perfect addition to any dream home for the people who love to read.

This one is so rustic and cozy looking.  

This L shaped one is so unique and gorgeous.  I love the round window.  And the fabric.  I wanna lie down there for a cat nap right  now.  

Window seat + circular window

I like this one because I like all of the fabric choices.  The pillows and the roman shades, and the cushion looks nice and comfy.  How about a cup of tea right here, right now?

The lovely drapery pairs nicely with the overstuffed cushion on this window seat.

Look at the windows in this window seat?  Beautiful!  And the actual seat looks like a custom made sofa, I need this in my bedroom! 

bay window seat | richard hallberg

I love all of these colors and the black trim here.  You know I love a pop of red!  But those turqoiuse chairs next to it are to die for as well.   The whole feel of this one just works for me!

window seat

I love how this one is in the stairwell up on it's little perch.  The colors are relaxing and serene, and I want to climb on up there.

My fav house style is craftsman and these elements are spot on.  Luv the staircase and window seat make me wanna read

Would you look at that view!  And those books? What more could you ask for than a gorgeous view and a good read.  I am in love!

window seat in the library

Last but not least, I had to include one in the kitchen, and this one is so quaint and cottagey.  I love the turquoise, the rustic table, the pendant light, the cushions, everything.  I will have pancakes please! 

window seat