Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trashtastic Tuesday- Sweater Pillow

 Welcome to another Trashtastic Tuesday!  Last week, I showed you how I made a sweet Valentine holder out of a cereal box.  So cute!  Today I want to show the pillow I made!

If you have been reading my blog, you might remember This post about an old pillow and sweater I purchased at Goodwill.  You can click on the link, but here is a picture of them from the post.


Now, I don’t sew a lick.  I mean not even a button.  My goal is to learn.  Anyway, I was bound and determined to make a pillow out of this old sweater.  I vowed in my post to have it done before spring.  On Friday night, I got a wild hair and decided to just do it, like the Nike adds.  I decided a hot glue gun might work.  So I got busy all up in this joint!  And I am pretty happy with the results!  The following picture was taken on my Iphone so it looks a little shady.

I made this from an old sweater. I'll post a tutorial next week!

Above is an instagram picture I posted as soon as I finished it as a sneak peek.  I am going to try to explain how I did it, but basically, I made it up as I went along.  Basically, I slipped the sweater over the pillow so that the sides seams matched up with the ones on the pillow.  As luck would have it, it was a perfect fit!  This pillow cover is not removeable, BTW, (it’s that whole non sewing thing).  I liked the way the stripe at the waistline looked at the bottom of the pillow, so I decided to keep it at the bottom.  Then I just folded everything tightly towards the back and started cutting off the excess.  You can see in the picture below some of the pieces I cut off.  First I cut off the sleeves.  You can see there is a square place cut out at the armpit of each sleeve.  That was so that I could fold it as neatly as possible.  Next, I cut off the excess at the top of the sweater. 


This is what the pillow looked like after I cut off all of the excess.  I then folded the top part of the front of the sweater down into the back part of the pillow.  Next, I took the edge where I had cut on the top back part of the sweater and glued a hem to get rid of the raw edges.  After that I just folded it tightly over everything else and glued it together!  Voila!  A sweater pillow!


This is a close up shot of the excess.


Next, I just simply hot glued the edges of the bottom of the sweater right along the bottom of the pillow.  I started by hot glueing the top edge to the actual pillow, then I hot glued the other edge to the part that I had already glued to the pillow. 


This is a shot of what it looked like after I finished that part.  There were a couple of puckers, but it really isn’t noticeable once you have the pillow sitting up. 


Here are a couple of shot of the pillow, the finished product.  Not bad for a girl who can’t sew, eh?