Friday, February 8, 2013

Sprucing Up Our Desk

I made a small but simple change to our desk area over the weekend, but I think it made a big difference!  In case you did not know this, our desk is in our dining room.  You can see more about our double duty dining room by clicking here and here.  This room is still in progress.  I am getting ready to stencil an accent wall soon, and I have plans to hang some shelves over the desk for organization.  I have a desk pad on my desk that has a clear screen that you can lift up and put things under.  I decided to cut a piece of wrapping paper that I purchased in the dollar aisle at Target to put under it, and it changed the whole look of the desk for the better!  Here it is now!

Update Jan 2015:  Click here to see our desk area the way it looks now.


And here are a couple more shots of my desk area

Do you see my jute wrapped cans?  You can see more about how I made these here.  These will probably be moved around when the mood strikes me, but for now they are holding pens and pencils, which magically disappear on a regular basis around here. 

This is the desk calendar that LC made for me on for Christmas.  I love it!  I will try to remember to show you the different pictures for each month. 

You can see that I changed up my burlap wreath for Valentines Day.  I am not that happy with it, but I really don’t care to be honest!  LOL  This wreath wiill find a more suitable home when I hang some shelving here. 

When I went to edit these pictures, I realized there is one with my very own LC (local celebrity) standing there in his skivvies.  I know quite a few facebook fans of his that would love to see it!  Including his fan club, which BT Dubs, is called Jason Parrish is a God!  LOL!  Just a warning LC, I may use it as blackmail at some point in time!  Beware! 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Tomorrow we are heading to Morgantown so that LC and Mr. 12 year old can participate in the Polar Plunge into the Mon River to benefit The Special Olympics!  BRRR!  It’s a great cause, but you will never catch me jumping in that ice cold water.  But I will be cheering them both on, and of course going for cupcakes at the Cupcakerie afterward, YUM!

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