Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Foyer- As It Is Right Now

Today I thought I would share my entryway with you.  But first I want to preface that by giving you some idea about my "philosophy" for what I share on my blog.  I am showing you things as they are.  I am keeping it very real.  I am not ashamed to show you things that are less than picture perfect, because my life is not picture perfect and neither is my house. I hope that over time you will see the improvements I am blogging about.   We moved into this house at the end of June.  We had approximately one week to get into this house and prepare it to be move in ready.  This consisted of painting my master bedroom and my daughter's room and bathroom (she painted those herself), deep cleaning from top to bottom, and that was it, we had to move in.  I would have preferred to paint every room before we moved, but things just did not work out that way.  So here we are living in a house that is not the way I had planned it would be.  We have a list a mile long of things we want to do in this house.   I work full time and I am a mother of three children, so my time is limited.  I try to do as much as possible myself, so things move slowly.  This house is a work in progress, and the things I am showing you are the way things look right now, but will be slowly but surely changing.  I have plans for every single room in the house.  This is my entry way today.  At the end of this post I will show a list of the plans for this space.

Standing at the top of the stairs looking down.  This is a split level home.  You can see when you walk in there is a small landing and that is it.  I have plans to paint the walls, stair railing, and door.  


 This door is brand new and I love it.  It allows a lot of light to flood in, which is alright with me.  I love natural light. I plan to paint the inside black.  The outside has already been painted to match the shutters.


I don't mind this chandelier, but I can't seem to get it completely straight.  It is more noticeable in this shot than it is in actuality.  The snowmen are obviously seasonal.  I have since taken them down because I am just plain sick of winter.  The oak part of the banister is going to be painted black, the rest will get a fresh coat of white.  I don't know if you can tell but the floor of the landing does not match the stair treads.  I am thinking of painting and stenciling this floor or something.  Maybe a distressed black and white check?  The rug is from Kohl's.  I want to change it eventually as well.


I bought this bench at Marshall's  It is perfect to put right here.  It gives people a place to sit their purse or books, whatever.  This is a very small space.  I showed you this hanging bucket and flowers in this Valentine's Day post.  The pretty board with hooks is from Pier One.  I need something to hang above it.  


The floating frame has some photography from when Mr. 5 year old was 2 or so.  The Photographer was Photos By Design.  Shelly does awesome work!  If you are local and looking for a photographer she is super sweet and talented.  


This is the view from the bottom of the stairs looking up.  I have a few things hanging here, and plan to make this into a gallery stairwell.  


This Etsy print is from Sprinkled Joy.  It was my Valentine's gift to LC.  The frame is from Walmart for like $12.  I love the kinds of gifts that he likes but are also super cute!  Inside the heart is our wedding date.  


And here is the money shot!  This is my most hated part of the house, this bottom hallway.  There is nothing about it that I like.  You can see some more of this dreaded hallway here.  Big plans for this space come summer!  New flooring, painted walls and trim, new lighting, I cannot wait.  


This whole area is going to get some serious love come summer!  Here is a list of things to do in the entryway stairwell:

  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the trim
  • Paint the banister
  • Add more storage if possible
  • Add a gallery wall and some art
  • paint the landing
  • paint the kick plates of the stairs
  • Tighten the banister

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