Monday, February 4, 2013

Kitchen Progress

Welcome to another Monday!  I hope you had a restful weekend.  Here in WV we have a snow day, so I get to stay home for an extra day, and that is fine by me.  I think I will go ahead and paint the trim in my dining room and make myself productive!  I got busy making a few Valentine's Day related crafts over the weekend.  Before I get on with the pictures of my progress in the kitchen, I thought I would show you one of the things I made for Valentines Day.

I love my little pink yarn heart.  I will be back later on this week with a tutorial.  

I first showed you my kitchen when I blogged about my kitchen cabinets that I updated.  You can see that post here.  Since then, we have made some progress.  We have painted the walls and trim.  I am liking the progress I am making.    I want to show you what it looks like today.

 This is a picture of the what the cabinets looked like when we moved in.  

And now for some pictures of the progress we have made so far.  It took me a couple of months of working on the cabinets in my spare time to get them finished.  And it has taken me from November till now of painting on and off to get to where I am today.  

These are the cabinets after I finished painting them.  

This is the kitchen after painting the walls.

This is the little nook after I painted it, but before painting the rest of the walls.

After painting the rest of the walls.

Before paint

After paint

It doesn't look like it but I painted the backsplash a glossy white last weekend.  Actually the color is called crisp linen white by Behr.  This is in preparation for a paint treatment I am planning.  I am not done with the backsplash yet, but at least it is fresh and clean right now.  



This is the nook before I made my no sew cafe curtains, which you can read more about here


Here is the nook after curtains.




Before Paint 


After paint


Just to show you the difference, here is a before and after of the painted backsplash


 I also restyled the top of the cabinets.  Keeping things up here is a must for me because I have nowhere else to put it all.  

Here a couple of before and after pictures of the trim.  I painted it the same color of white as the backsplash.  I wanted to use what I had on hand.  I love it because it is a high gloss, so it should be much easier to wipe down.  



Hopefully you can tell the difference.  It is a lot more obvious in person than in the pictures.   Next up in the kitchen is finishing the backsplash.  I am kind of dreading starting because it is going to be very tedious.  I work full time so I do all of these in my spare time, which is not a lot.  I do have three children as well!  But I think the kitchen is coming along nicely so far.  I have an old scrap piece of wood I am going to use to make a sign for my kitchen, but I am forcing myself to finish the backsplash first.  After the backsplash I might make the sign, and then it will be on to painting the island.  I have plans to paint the door too, but have to wait until spring so I can prop it open for a time.  

Here is a list of what we have done already and what we need to do in this room, and what I am dreaming of doing, if budget permits eventually.
Paint kitchen cabinets
paint nook
replace cabinet hardware
Add lighting over sink
Paint walls
Paint trim
Purchase three rugs
Re-accessorize above cabinets
Make and hang cafe curtains
Repair or replace faucet
Purchase something to hold microwave
Replace island (dreaming)
Paint current island
Refinish counters, or replace (I am dreaming of granite)
Paint door
Possibly replace light fixture
Purchase new trash can
Change lamp shade
Replace all dishes with Fiesta Ware
Add molding to top of cabinets
Paint back splash to mimic subway tile

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