Thursday, February 28, 2013

Family Fun- Polar Plunge, The Wow Factory, Cupcakerie

Early in February, we had a Day-O-Fun for our family.  We don’t get many chances to all be together for the day with the kids being so active in things.  We spent the day In Morgantown, first we went to the Polar Plunge, to benefit The Special Olympics, and LC and Mr. 12 Year Old jumped in the river!  Brrr!  Next we went to a gourmet cupcake shop called The Cupcakerie, and we finished off at a pottery painting store called The Wow Factory.  I think fun was had by all!  Here are some pictures of our fun filled day.
This is me and LC before the plunge

LC and Mr. 12 Year Old

Miss 16 year old and Mr. 12 year old

Mr. 5 Year Old
After I took those first pictures, something awful happened.  My camera died!  Before the Plunge!  So I had to resort to my IPhone, and I videotaped the whole thing.  Then when it was over and we went to watch the video, it was not there.  Really??  Yes REALLY!  So disappointed because it was awesome to watch!  So pardon the next pictures because they were taken on my phone. 
I love the look on his face  when he realized how cold it was! 

This is the whole WBOY-TV team that jumped in the Mon River together that day.  What troopers!

This is a shot of the Cupcakerie.  Pink cuteness all around!

Mr., 5 Year Old is a cupcake connoisseur, I tell ya!

Then it was off to the Wow Factory for some pottery painting!  Love!  Here are our blank canvases.

Someone needs a haircut!

Hard at work.

And these are our finished products. 


You might have seen a sneak peek at this plate in my post from yesterday about my Goodwill Canisters.


Miss 16 Year Old is a little artist, right?  When we went to pick them up the woman at the store raved about this one!


What have you been doing as a family lately?  Anyone painted any pottery?  I would love to see it!

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