Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wish I Had That- A Kitchen Backsplash

I have been in the process of updating our kitchen since August.  Slow process here because I am doing everything myself, so I work on it as time and budget allows.  I finished painting my kitchen cabinets in November.  You can see them here.  After the cabinets were marked off the list, I started painting the walls. Just yesterday I finished painting the trim round the floors and door.  Over the weekend I painted the backsplash a glossy white in preparation to do a faux paint treatment on it.  I am doing this because it is within our budget.  However, I would much rather be able to afford to have someone come in and install a much pricier backsplash.  Oh, how I wish we could do that!  Here are some backsplashes I found online.  I sure wish I had one of them!

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I love this backsplash with the stacked stones.  How many years would it take to collect enough of these to make a backsplash like this for free?

Love the look of this stacked pebble backsplash!
Pinterest- original source

I like the color combination of this tile backsplash.  It would look cool in my kitchen.  

Small, Sleek Tiles -These colorful ceramic tiles provide a fresh take on the classic white subway pattern. The tiles are smaller -- 2x4 inches -- than traditional 3x6-inch subway tiles, making the look sleeker. The backsplash, combined with the green cabinetry and the natural light from the kitchen windows, balance the dark mahogany cabinets in this lively kitchen.
Pinterest-original source

I like the look of glass subway tiles.  they are shiny and they have depth, super cool.  

I love the basket weave pattern they used to lay these white subway tiles.  

Dans Le Townhouse

I love these white subway tiles that have the rounded edges.  It makes them so much  more interesting.  

A Thoughtful Place

I have shown you this kitchen before, but here it is again because, um, I love it!  I like this tumbled marble backsplash.  Classic.

kitchen cabinet moulding

Our Fifth House

I love the way they just tiled this entire wall.  I want this!

What is your favorite type of backsplash?  Have you ever thought about what kind of backsplash you would have if money were no object.  these are the things that go through my mind on a daily basis.  It annoys my husband to no end.  I don't care.  I am still waiting to win the lottery.  I promise, if I win, right after I build my dream house and send all three children to college, I will do something charitable with a portion of it.  Maybe if I actually did win the lottery and was able to build my dream house these things would stop possessing my thoughts.  Probably not though.  

I will have some updated pictures of our kitchen progress soon.  As soon as I can have time to clean it for pictures!

Happy hump day everyone.  What do you wish you had?