Thursday, January 10, 2013

Using Pops Of Red In Your Decor

 Happy Thursday everyone!  When Thursday comes, I know that the end of my work week is near, and it is only one more day until Friday.  Friday is the one day of the week that I wear jeans to work, so that is always good.  And Thursday is Mr. 5 year old's last school day of the week, so I don't have to prepare his school stuff for the following day.  Always a good thing!

In case you didn't know, my favorite color is red.  It has been for over 20 years.  My bridesmaid's wore red in my first wedding, and whenever I wear it, someone usually tells me I look good in red.  I love to see pops of red in home decor, and I scoured the internet to find some rooms that do a great job of using the color red.  Here they are!

Very nice french country bathroom.  NOt 100% my style, but I can appreciate lots of styles.

This humongous island is to die for!

Baby Boomer Kitchen (

Why can't I have the nerve to do something like this on my deck?
 love those chairs! jennifer anderson sneak peek

This would be killer wall art.  Beautiful.

cecilia carlsteadt.

illustration by Cecilia Carlstedt

A red fireplace is so unexpected.
interior decoration with color combo red blue and cream1 Interior decoration with color combo Brown, Cream, Red and Blue

Chair obsessed!
Incredible Fun Red Dining Room Decorating Ideas: Fancy Wooden Oval Dining Table With Red Leather Chairs

The rest of the pictures are from a blog that I follow every day,  My Fifth House.  Carmel's favorite color is red too, and there are pops of it all over her house.  she does a great job of bringing red into a room!
Lookat the wall art, it is a picture of every house they have lived in!  Great idea!

The letters and the stool are perfection.

distressed white kitchen cabinets

Love this room.

I want this Ikea shelf.

If you have not checked out Our Fifth House blog, I highly reccomendit!  Carmel is very cute and talented, and has so much to share!  

Have you worked red into any of your decor lately?  I think little punches of it can work in almost any room. You should try it!  Unless of course you hate red, then you should definitely NOT try it!  

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See you tomorrow!  Friday!