Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trashtastic Tuesday- Goodwill Mirror

 If you have read my blog before you know I love Young House Love.  Mr. 12 year old got me John and Sherry's book for Christmas and I read it cover to cover.  So many great ideas!  One of the ideas in the book was to buy a thrift store mirror and paint it a bold color.  They painted theirs an eggplant color.  Well, that idea stuck in my head and I have been on the lookout for a mirror at Goodwill.  Mr. 5 year old has a pathetic little mirror hanging over his dresser, and I wanted to replace it.   A few weeks ago I lucked out and found the perfect mirror!  I paid $5 bucks for this bad boy!


As you can see it was filthy!  But it came clean pretty easy with some clorox wipes.  I gave it a good scrub down.  


Next I taped it off to cover the mirror using frog tape and computer paper.  A couple of weekends ago it was unusually warm outside and I decided it was the perfect day for some spray painting!  I chose a deep red.  It is the perfect color for his Thomas the Train bedroom, he already has pops of reds and blues in there.    I sprayed it with 3 light coats of spray paint and voila!  Here it is!


This is after it dried overnight and I uncovered the mirror.  


Here is a close up of the detail of the mirror.  


And here it is hanging on the wall over his dresser.  If you look into the mirror you can see a sneak peek of his disaster area of a bedroom.  Seriously, he is obsessed with trains, and he has tracks built everywhere, I can barely walk.  He gets really upset when I clean it up too.  And it never stays cleaned up for long.  You can also see a toy box that has a pink lid.  I have plans to change that with some spray paint eventually.  This toy box used to belong to Miss 16 yr. old.  


OMG!  The view from that mirror is embarrassing!  But I do love the way the mirror turned out!  It is much bigger and more substantial than the one I had hanging here previously.  And I can change it up and use it anywhere if I want to.  


I am really happy with the final results.  And all for less than $10.  I still have almost a whole can of red spray paint left, hmmm what else can I turn red?  (it is my favorite color you know!)

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