Monday, January 14, 2013

Re Organized Laundry Closet- Mini Makeover

Good morning and happy Monday to everyone!  What a beautiful weekend it was in North Central West Virginia!  It was actually in the 70's yesterday, and that is a rarity in these parts for the middle of January.  We enjoyed it!  LC got to go run at the park, and Mr. 5 Yr. Old and Mr. 12 Yr. Old both played outside as much as possible.  Mr. 12 Yr. old had two basketball games that his team won and he scored 13 points yesterday.  I was even able to take something outside and spray paint!  It was awesome (more on that coming soon)!

I have to give a little shout out to Miss 16 year old, who finally got her trigonometry grade up to a B.  She has been struggling with this class and has made C's on her first two 6 weeks report cards.  She has been grounded for the past 6 weeks, and I think it would be fair to say it was one of the worst 6 weeks of her life!  She worked really hard and got it up to a B, and even made a B on her final exam!  I am proud of her for bringing it up, but wish she would work that hard all of the time!  This is one of those classes where I know I was never going to see an A, so I gave that up long ago!

I had to leave work early on Friday because Mr. 5 year old had a stomach virus, so I had a little spare time, and I decided to do a mini laundry room makeover that cost me a total of 13 bucks.  My laundry room is right at the bottom of the stairs of our split level home, and you can see it when you walk in the front door.  Much of the time I leave the doors open if I am doing laundry, so I want it to look good.  I have plans to do a little more work in this closet, but for now, I was working with practically no budget and just trying to make it a little more presentable.

I see so many blogs that have such adorable laundry rooms, and it makes me so jealous!  I want a laundry room like that, but let's face it, It just isn't going to happen in this house.  Maybe the next one.  I gave you a peek at my laundry room a couple of weeks ago.  You can find it here and here.


This has not changed much since we moved in.  I basically put a rubbermaid box on the dryer with all of my laundry essentials in it, and the shelf above contained leftover items from my kitchen.One things I have to have in this closet is room to hang clothes to dry.  There really is nowhere else, and I hang a lot of laundry, especially since I am doing laundry for 5 people.  

 This is after phase one of organizing.  

I stored the left over kitchen items in a rubbermaid box in the garage.  And I repurposed some baskets and containers that I had around the house for this top shelf.  

This is my second large mason jar which is holding Oxi Clean.  You can see more about where I got these jars, and what I did with the other one, here and here.  The jar on the left used to contain a yankee candle.  Once it was burned down completely, I fill them with very hot water, and let them soak, then take a butter knife and the wax will break up into big pieces that you can remove.  Then just run it through the dishwasher to get rid of any waxy residue.  It comes out sparkling clean!  I am using it to hold my Downy Unstopables.  BTW I love these!  I will never go without them again!  They make my laundry smell so fresh and clean!  There is another jar in the back that holds my dryel in case I  need to launder something that needs dry cleaned.  The little chipped bowl hold spare change and other goodies I find when I am doing laundry.  I need a cuter bowl.  


 This is phase two of my mini makeover.  This is where the $13.00 comes in.  I bought these cute wall decals at Target.  Plus they don't stick out from the wall at all, so I can still hang clothes across the entire closet if needed.  Now I need something to hide the ugly place where the plugs and hoses are.  Any suggestions?


The rubbermaid box that used to hold my laundry supplies is not on the top shelf and empty, but I am sure it won't stay empty.  The dark wood basket holds extra towels to go into the dog cage.  The light colored laundry basket holds other laundry products that I don't use every day.  And there are also two small rubbermaid boxes that are empty for now.  I also put a stack of boy's winter hats up there.  


Here is a close up of the vinyl decals.   


The canvas bin holds the things I use on a regular basis to do laundry.  The small wicker basket is to hold stragglers that make it down to the laundry in the wrong load.  


Here is a peek at what is inside.  Tide pods, fabric softener, clorox, and stain removers.   


I added a couple of command hooks to either side of the washer and dryer to hold small things.  


Also in this little corner is my swiffer and my mops.  


The flourescent light is not the prettiest, but I like the light it gives off for doing laundry.  


Update Jan. 2015:  Click here to see the current state of our laundry closet.  

So there you have it.  I prettified my laundry closet with $13.  I still have plans to paint these walls, disguise the outlet and hose area, and install new flooring.  storage boxes and baskets that all  match would be nice, but for now I am working with what I have!  I will be back later in the week with a post of laundry closet inspiration for you!  And tomorrow is trashtastic Tuesday!  I have something really cute to show you!  Stay tuned!  

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