Friday, January 18, 2013

Pinterest Copycat

My daughter bought me this cool Yankee candle holder/hurricane for Christmas.  You can fill the bottom half with whatever you like and put a candle in the top half.  I have been wanting this from the Yankee Candle Store ever since I saw it.  You can see it in my living room before I filled it here.


I finally figured out what to fill it with over the weekend!  I was brainstorming ideas for how to fill it when I suddenly remembered something I pinned a while back on pinterest!  I was going to do that.  It would be cheap and easy, and I am all about cheap and easy.  I pinned this during the fall and it was supposed to be a fall decoration, but I thought I could still use it any time of the year and it matches the color scheme I have going on in my living room.  Here is a picture of the hurricane I pinned.

Fall Hurricane Decorating

She used dried peas, beans, and popcorn to fill her vase.  Love the colors! 

I sent LC to the grocery store on Sunday and I made sure these three items were on his list.  As soon as he got home I ripped open the bags and got my pour on.  Here is how my vase turned out.


The candle in the top is a Yankee candle my daughter bought me.  the scent smells super yummy.  It is called candied apple.  Even my LC likes the smell.  Although I think it would look better with a small pillar candle in it.  I am going to change that, but for now, this is the only candle I had to work with.  This project took me all of 1 minute.  That is my kind of project.  Here it is with the candle lit. 


And here is a further away shot.  OH! BT dubs, you can see another quick and easy project I cranked out on Friday night in this shot.  Can you guess what it is?  If you click here, and look closely you will be able to figure it out.  When you know what I did, send me a comment and tell me what it is!  I also de cluttered this room a little on Friday night.  I emptied two different bins I had on the floor in this room.  One contained Mr. 5 year old’s games and the other contained LC’s DVD collection.  I moved the games to his closet, and the DVD’s to the television console (duh!  That is where it should have been all along!).  It made the room look much neater (is that a word)?

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

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