Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Living Room In Progress

I would like to show you my living room today.  I guess I have been putting it off for long enough!  One reason that I have put it off because Mr. 5 year old usually has toys strung halfway across it, and the other reason is that there is really nothing picture worthy about it.  You will soon see what I mean.  The room has fairly good bones.  It is a decent space.  It is fairly large and has high ceilings.  It is light and airy.  The hard wood floors are in great shape.  But there are things about this room that I am not happy with as well.  I will explain more as we take the tour.  And at the end of the post I will make a list of things that need to be done in this room. 

Here is a picture of the room before we moved in.  


I finally have Christmas all packed back up, and the first things I did was clear all surfaces, sit everything out on the dining table and some on the floor, and then I dusted everything really well.  I wanted to have a clean slate to start from.  Here are a couple of pictures of everything  had to work with. 



You may have seen glimpses of this room here and there, but this is the entire room for your viewing pleasure.  Beware:  there are several pictures.  This room had been painted fairly recently before we bought it.  It is clean, but I need some color up in this joint!  I like the hardwoods.  The area rug was left here by the previous owners, and seeing that we did not have a rug for this room, and the colors did not totally clash with my furniture and décor, I kept it.  Thanks Chip and Dianna!  This is our dog’s favorite place to pee, gross!  After this dog is gone, I will be getting a new rug, can’t wait! (for the rug, not the demise of my peeing pooch) Everything in this room was brought with us from our previous home.  I desperately wanted a new sofa and chair, and it was in the plans, and then some things came up with the purchase of the house and as it all played out, we did not have quite the profit we thought we would, so that was the first thing to get deleted from the list.  So disappointed!

In Progress

This is the view you see as you are coming up the stairs from the front door.  The kitchen is straight ahead and the dining room is to the right.  The book shelf on the left was handmade and purchased in Amish Country.  I have not completely styled this bookshelf yet, to be continued.  The sofa table is super old, but very good wood.  There may be a makeover in it’s future.  All of the décor shown here I have had for a while, except the white and black sheep on the bottom shelf of the sofa table.  that was purchased at Marshall’s.  Love it!  I think Sherry from Young House Love would be proud of that one!


This is the view looking toward the stairwell/front door, and down the hallway to three of the bedrooms and two bathrooms.  See the area above the sofa with the spindles?  I don’t hate it, but would like to change it, however, it is a safety issue with Mr. 5 year old so it stays for a while.  He like to climb on top of the sofa.  All three seating pieces, the sofa, the chaise, and the leather chair, were purchased from Elder Beerman Home Store.  I need some pillows to add a pop of color.  The green ones are much greener in person, but still in need of more color.  These two end table are a matching set with the sofa table from the last picture.  Like I said, good quality, but kind of out dated. 

In Progress

I really like the bay window in this room, however the blinds, I am not a fan of.  Every window in this house had these when we moved in.  We are slowly fazing them out.  I have kept them because I need the privacy.  This room is like a fish bowl from outside at night.  The window treatment was also here when we moved in.  It will change eventually.  The leather bench in front of the sofa was purchased on Ebay.  The tray sitting on it needs something.  See the small rug opposite the bench with a dog bone on it?  This was Bambi’s Christmas gift, and my attempt at getting her to pee here instead of on my rug.  I think it is starting to work!

In Progress

This is the view you see when you top the stairs and turn right.  A whole lot of clutter!  I would LOVE to have a bigger flat screen.  And in my opinion the television needs to be much higher on the wall.  That will happen when we paint this room. That is not going to happen any time soon.  You can see Mr. 5 yr. old has a toy box here and most of the time two or three train tracks spread out.  It drives me insane but I can’t seem to get him to keep it in his bedroom.  I wish we had a play room.  The TV console was purchased at Target.  It is fine for  now.  The lamp is ancient and needs replaced. 

In Progress

This picture is looking towards the kitchen, dining room, and hallway to the left.

In Progress

The canvas bin under the table has a matching one under the other end table, they are from Pottery Barn.

In Progress

This lamp is the most expensive lamp I own.  I bid on a gift certificate to Jack’s Furniture (A local furniture store in Bridgeport) at a silent auction.  I purchased this lamp and a vase which you will see in this post too.  I would love to have the matching floor lamp, but that is probably not going to happen.  Jack’s furniture is a great store and has quality furniture. 


And this, wait for it, is my lovely fireplace!  I despise this ugly box in the wall.  I am desperate to give it some character and a chunky mantel.  The side table to the left of it is from the Amish country, and the vase on top is the other thing I purchased from Jack’s Furniture with my winning bid. 

In Progress

Wouldn’t that matching floor lamp look awesome right here to replace this ugly one?  See the little rocker?  It is Amish as well, and it serves as Mr. 5 yr. Old's time out chair. 

In Progress

This area is too cluttered.  It is on my agenda to re organize the clutter soon.  You have seen this book case here.  See the glass vase/candle holder on the book case?  Miss 16 bought it for me for Christmas and I love it.  It is from the Yankee Candle Store.  It has two pieces.  The top piece holds a candle, and the bottom piece you can add decorative whatever you want.  I plan to deck this out soon.  any suggestions about what would be cute?  I have not made any decisions about it yet.  The Paris canvas bin holds winter blankets, I bought it at Marshall’s, and see the fabric bin to the left?  It has more toys in it, but I am going to move it out of here soon.  It is just too cluttered right here. 

In Progress

I had to take a picture of this little lamp I purchased at Marshall’s after we moved in.  I love it!  The is my little Lennox snowman hanging out for winter. 


Update: June 28, 2015- See my living room the way it looks  now here.  

There you have my living room!  This is the room our whole family hangs out in the most.  Here is a list of what we need to do in this room, what we have already done and what I am dreaming of doing, if budget permits eventually.
  • Purchase new sofa and chair
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Replace area rug
  • Raise TV
  • Install mantel and surround for fireplace
  • Purchase a new flat screen (dreaming)
  • Make over sofa table and end tables
  • Install new blinds
  • Hang curtain panels
  • Remove spindles over sofa
  • DE clutter
  • Add art to walls
  • Style the bookshelf at the top of the stairs.

    I would love to hear your comments about his room, and any suggestions you might have because it is kind of a blank slate right now.