Friday, January 4, 2013

My Winter Buffet

 I have been slowly taking down Christmas around here.  It is mostly gone, just a few odds and ends sticking around.  I have been having my husband bring a couple of boxes down per day, then I fill them, and he takes them back up the next day.  We are on opposite schedules, which totally sucks.  I want to do a post for you on my living room, the one we actually hang out in every day, but I haven't put my stuff back out and decorated it for after Christmas yet.  That is on the agenda to do a post for next week.  I did make a cute winter vignette for my dining room buffet.  It will probably stick around till the end of February.  Here it is.

My green mercury glass candle sticks are back where I usually keep them.  See where I got them here.   The doily is an antique I purchased last summer.  It used to be on the dining room table. 


Christmas is still hanging on my chandelier in this picture.  

The hanging candle holder on the wall is from Pottery Barn several years ago.  


 I bought the rustic looking pine tree at a craft show years ago.  It usually hangs out after Christmas for the rest of winter.  The velvet reindeer is from TJ Maxx a few years ago.   The lantern I have had for years too. 


 See where I bought the white owl here.


 My giant snowman that lights up was purchased at a local craft show last Christmas.  Love him! See where I got my glittery Bambi deer here. 


What do you think of my wintery buffet?  I am quite happy with it!  Now, here is my weekend project.  I want to make no sew cafe curtains for my kitchen windows.  That way it will still allow lots of light in but it will create privacy.  I bought the fabric and supplies.  I am going to use a tutorial I saw on Young House Love.  Here is the fabric I picked.  It has all of the colors I have in my kitchen so hopefully it will tie things together more.

Wish me luck on making my first curtains!  If it works out I am on to the curtains in my living room!