Friday, January 25, 2013

Keys To My Heart

Yesterday I showed you the grandfather clock I received from my grandparents.  If you have not read about it, click here.  It is a touching story about my grandparents.  I wanted to do one more quick post about my grandfather clock, because I wanted to show you what I did with the keys!  There are two keys that came with the clock, one to wind it, and one for the gonger.  I call it the gonger for lack of a better word, I have no idea what it is really called, but it makes the clock chime every half hour and hour. 
I needed a place to keep these keys.  The clock is very special to me, and I thought the keys were unique and pretty, so I wanted to feature them somewhere in my house.  So meaningful, right?  Here is what I did with them.

I added them to my Gallery wall in our hallway!  I used what I had to frame these out.  Basically a frame that I already had, a piece of scrapbook paper that had an orange ombre effect, and some tiny nails.  I took the glass out of the frame, used a glue stick to glue the paper to the piece of cardboard that was already in the frame, put it all back together, and stuck my little nails into the cardboard.  Voila!  I think it is so cute!  Here are some more pictures of my gallery wall.  It is an ever evolving thing and there have been some changes since you last saw it.  I first showed you my gallery wall here.


I have added the little glass cross at the far right, the carbon monoxide detector (exciting, but had to be done), and the eye chart at the top. 

And here is the opposite wall.  The snowman is hanging out for the winter.  You can read more about the DIY wall art on the bottom left here.  See the collage on the bottom right?  That was a Christmas gift to LC.  It is a collage of his trip to San Francisco with his oldest brother, who has passed.  I ordered this on shutterfly and it was several hours of painstaking effort to make it happen.  I have not blogged about it because it is a fresh and sad wound for his family.  But LC loves the collage and will cherish it forever.  He wanted me to hang it on the wall on Christmas morning!  (I already had the spot picked for it)  The small round frame in the bottom middle was an after Christmas 70% off sale at Kohl’s.  I haven’t put a picture in it yet. 

I love the way my gallery hallway is coming together, and these very special keys are the perfect addition!  Even LC loves how they are displayed!  Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your weekend.  We are bracing for a little snow storm right now! 

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