Monday, January 28, 2013

A Thomas The Train Bedroom

 I hope you all had a restful and fun filled weekend.  I am returning to work today after having a little 4 day break.  Partly due to a snow day and partly due to a scheduled day off that I took.  I thought I would show you my 5 year old son's bedroom today.  Literally, I used mostly everything in his room that I had in his old bedroom, and I have really done very little to this room.  Right now he is still in a toddler bed, but I know that is going to change sometime in the next year or so, so I really have no plans to change much in his room. I will wait and do that when he transitions to a big bed.  He will be getting new furniture at that time.  So at this point I am working with what I have.  This is his bedroom!


My son is obsessed with Thomas the Train.  Can you tell?  He collects them all, the wooden ones, the little metal ones, the battery operated ones.  I can't keep up with them all.  His room usually has tracks spread out all over the floor and when you enter you are entering at your own risk.  This room has not been painted since we moved in.  The underneath of the chair rail is a pale blue, and above is white.  I was fine with the color because it matched what he already had, and the paint was in very good shape.

You can see across the hallway is the master bedroom.  This mirror has been changed recently to a mirror that I transformed from Goodwill.  You can see that change here.  I do have other plans for this round mirror though.


You can see his Thomas The Train toddler bed here.  I hate to ever take him out of it, he loves it soooooo much!  The little nightstand next to the bed was purchased years ago at a craft show.  It is handmade.  I painted the bottom blue when I was decorating his nursery.  The dresser was purchased from Lowes years ago, before my first son was born.  It was unfinished, and I stained it myself.   I have plans for this, a change is going to come!  The shelf on the wall is something else I have had for years.


This desk was given to me by a friend.  It used to be in my older son's room.  It will probably go when we refurnish his room.  The shelves above his desk came from his old bedroom.  So did the red shade.  


This is his train table.  I purchased it from a  friend a few years ago.  He plays with it every single day.  It is well used.  I have seen other blogs wehre the people glue the track down.  That would never work with my son.  Part of the fun for him is to change out the tracks.


This bin holder is from Ikea.  I also purchased it before my oldest son came along.  It holds a lot of toys.


This toy box is ancient.  It was in Miss 16 year old's bedroom!  The lid is pink.  I have plans to spray paint this entire thing.  Maybe I will get to it this summer.  I like it because it is very large and has a bookshelf.  I keep the lid open because it is pink.


I ordered this personalized canvas online when he transitioned to a toddler bed.  I don't remember where it is from, but it turned out great.



These vintage books on his desk were mine as a child.  


He plays with his little kitchen all of the time too.


This area rug is from Target.  He gets a lot of use playing on this.  


So there you have my 5 year old boy's room.  It is a pretty typical child's room, is it not?  I wish we had a play room that was seperate from his bedroom, but we don't.  Some of his toys are in the living room, but I think pretty soon I will confine them to his room as much as possible.  there are big changes in store for this room when he gets a big boy bed.  Here is a list of what we need to do in this room, and what I dream of doing if budget permits eventually.  

  • Paint
  • Purchase a loft or bunk bed
  • Paint toy box
  • Change out the ceiling light
  • Purchase a new dresser
  • De clutter
  • Organize
  • Get rid of things
  • Make it more grown up
  • New Bedding
  • New window treatment