Friday, January 4, 2013

A Nickname For My Better Half

Recently, I have decided it might be better for me to use some cute or funny nicknames when referring to my husband and my three children.  Some of you who already know me know my husband too.  And if you know him, you know that he is a local television chief meteorologist at WBOY-TV.  Yesterday I asked my facebook friends to help me choose a nickname for him.  I got lots of fun suggestions.  Some of them are listed right here:

PC- Prince Charming
Zeus-(greek god of thunder)
WB- Weatherbug
Warm Front (LOL)
Boner (I don't think so)
Cuddle bug
Jack Frost
Local Celebrity
LC (for local celebrity)

Some cool ideas, right?

After giving it much thought, I have decided to go with...drumroll...wait for it...

LC, or local celebrity.  I  might interchange the two.  Thanks,  Bianca King for the LC suggestion!

The reason I chose this nickname is because it amuses me when people act starstruck by him.  I have literally had people follow me, yes me, not him, going on and on about how much they love him!  I just see him as my handsome husband who is awesome, but sometimes annoys the hell out of me (as I know I do him as well), so I tend to forget that he is much loved around these parts until I venture out somewhere with him and notice that people are always staring at us and whispering.  Really?  Oh yes, it happens everywhere we go.

So, LC, I hope you like your new nickname, and I KNOW you like being the subject of this blog post today!  LOL!

Love ya!

Here are some pictures of him!  He is a cutie, right?

I have not come up with any nicknames for the kids yet, but am taking a poll on facebook as we speak, stay tuned!