Monday, December 31, 2012

Highlights from 2012

Wow!  Have you ever noticed how when you are a child, the year seems to go on forever and ever?  Well, now that I am all grown up the year just seems to fly by!  Seriously, where does the time go?  I just want to slow down the hands of time. 

In blogland, my little blog is just a baby, born in October.  But I am bound and determined to keep my blog up, and one of my goals for 2013 is to see how much I can make it grow!  I thought I would show you some highlights of 2012 for me and my family, before the blog, and after. 

Jason and the morning meteorologist, Tony on WBOY-TV, participated in the Polar plunge early in 2012 to benefit the Special Olympics.  BRRR!!

The kids got to meet Randy Moss at BW 3’s

Delaney played Irene in the 2012 Bridgeport High School production of Footloose!  Here she is with Kody Mullins, the lead male actor.

This is her in her Irene costume when she sang her solo.

A double birthday dinner- 12 and 16.

We visited Atlanta, GA over spring break 2012, we had a great time!

Georgia Aquarium

BMS boys track team took county championships!

Jason and Gavin got Gavin Strong for Bridgeport Connect.

Gavin made progress on learning to swim at the Bridgeport pool.  He wanted to marry his instructor, Rebecca.

My girlfriend Chrisanne got married the night before we moved into our new house.  The wedding was at Stonewall Jackson Resort, and the electricity went out!  We had fun anyway!

And this is our new house!  We moved on June 29th, in the middle of a power outtage.  It was not pretty.  

This is the view from our back deck.

We got to meet Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and go onto his RV.

My baby girl got her driver’s license!

A 16th birthday trip to NYC! 

First day of school for all three!

A weekend at Jellystone.

Delaney’s Junior Homecoming.


From this point on in this post, I had officially started my blog, so these are highlights of my blog so far!

My Fall Burlap Wreath 


My Gallery Hallway 

IMG_0756 (1)

Made Over Goodwill Lamps 

Peg Board/Chalk Board- Another Goodwill Transformation


DIY Wall Art Using Meaningful Numbers.


Giant Utensil Make Over 


Kitchen Cabinet Refinish


Painted Dining Room Walls

Dining Room

Christmas Banister


Christmas Burlap Wreath Transformation 


Our First Real Tree 


Book Page Christmas Trees


Swagged Light Tree

Decorating the Chandy For Christmas


Hanging Curtain Panels From Hooks 


2012 was a good year over all.  We had a fun family vacation, we moved to a new neighborhood, we took a mother daughter trip to NYC courtesy of my friend Stephanie, and I started this blog!  I can't wait to find out what 2013 has in store for us!  Stay tuned!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Deals and Steals- The Day After

Of course I hit up Target the day after Christmas!  I also did go to exchange a couple of little things at the mall before they were out of everything.  I stopped in the Dollar Tree while I was walking by too.  I got some great deals, and some really cute stuff that my Christmas D├ęcor will be sporting next year. 

I looked at this wreath a million times over the Christmas season, but I held off, and ended up snatching it for $12.48 at Target!    Hopefully by next year more of my house will have the walls painted and it will pop against a grey wall.  I hung it on my dining room wall for this picture. 


Check out all of my Target goodies in a glance.  I am in love with them all!  The big Red Snowflake-ish ornaments were .50 at The Dollar Tree.  I have the perfect thing in mind for them next year. 


These felt ornaments are so cute.  I love the colors, they even math the glass ornaments I hung this year.  I got these for $1.50 a piece at Target.


I love these felt snowflakes.  Serious snowflake love going on here.  They were .50 at Target.


These two things, are not necessarily for Christmas in my opinion.  What do you think?  I have a feeling this owl is going to stick around all year.  I got him for $6 at Target, and the heart was $1.50.  It might be staying out for Valentines Day!


Lots of cute ribbon at Target on the cheap.  I can’t remember the price on this but it was half off. 


.50 at The Dollar Tree.  Cute tinsel tree.  It needs a little glue at the top. 


I usually do  not like things that you stick to the window, but Gavin likes trains, and I could not resist this one for .50 at Target.  It is down low on the french door in our kitchen.

I thought I would throw in a Pottery Barn bargain I came across online a couple of weeks ago that I could not pass up.  I bought these cute metal numbers for $2 each.  They are actually house numbers, and they come with a little ledge that screws onto a wall and the numbers sit on the ledge.  I wanted them for my house.  But of course, the ledges were sold out, only numbers left.  I decided to order a 0 and a 6, for the year Jason and I were married.  Here they are sitting on the window ledge in the kitchen. (Yes, there is a pond behind our house!)  I think they are so cute!  Not sure if they will stay here or be moved. 


Today is a very special day!  It is my youngest son, Gavin’s birthday!  He is 5 today!  The first words out of his mouth when he woke up were “I’m five!”  I always tell him I want him to stay little, and a little while ago, as I am working on this blog he asked me, “Are you mad at me?”  I said “no, why would I be?”  He said “because I grew.”  So sweet!  Of course I am not mad at him!  He has to grow.  I am just sad to see my baby growing up.  I tried to explain this to him.  He swears he will always snuggle me, even when he is a grown up man!  We’ll see if that holds up. 
Happy 5th birthday today, Gavin Dean!  You bring sunshine to even the darkest of days, and I will never stop loving you.  You are such a little gift from God.  Enjoy being 5!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Kid’s Bathrooms- Look Out!

Now, I don’t get many opportunities to photograph my kid’s bathrooms, trust me.  It is all I can do to keep them clean!  Thank god my daughter gained her own bathroom when we moved here.  It has made things so much better.  She can make a disaster area in her own space instead of the boy’s space.  I usually make her clean her own bathroom, but it is never to my standards.  Occasionally I break down and clean it, and today was that day!  I also have some pictures of the boy’s bathrooms that I took not too long ago after I had cleaned one day.  I am throwing them together today, and inviting you to come in and see the good, the bad, and the ugly.  These are my kid’s bathrooms.  The BEFORE!

The Boy’s Bathroom
Not loving the cabinet over the toilet any longer.  Working with what we had when we moved.  I like shower doors because they contain the water, not so much the look of them, so I partially cover them with a shower curtain.  Jason hates the doors.   The shower curtain is from Target, so is the cabinet and the framing.  

The artwork in this room is just beach photography I took of the kids.  Luurve!


Not a fan of the lights over the sink.  Want to refinish the vanity. 



This is Delaney’s Bathroom.  Pink.  Hate the cabinet over the toilet.  Again, working with what we have.  Shower curtain is from Target.


Here is a quick before and after, DIY project I finished.  This is the before- check out the printable I framed. 


And after I finished it.  I made a mat to go behind the print from scrap book paper.  Such an improvement!  I just taped the paper on the cardboard backing, and then taped the print to that.  It really makes it pop and look less cheap.  . I still want to paint the frame, so I guess technically it is not finished.  


Notice that both bathrooms have the same exact sink.  I dislike the sinks.  Yes, I do. 


I have plans for this little shelf.  Spray paint!  Check out that flooring.  It is high on my priority list of things in need of change.  


This bathroom is in desperate need of lighting over the sink.  Pronto!


And here are a couple of little decorating updates in our master bath.  We added the pottery barn wall sconce.  It was in the master bedroom of our old house


I added three hooks below this canvas print. 


If you would like to see the entire post revealing my whole master bath click here.  Those are the three bathrooms in our home.  Guess what?  Jason and I (mostly J) finally got around to changing the light bulb over the bathtub today.  It was burned out when we moved in, in June!  Procrastinating much?

Here is a list of what we have done, and still need to do in the kid’s bathrooms:
Paint/refinish all vanities
Paint wall in Delaney’s bathroom
Paint baseboards in Delaney’s bathroom
Caulk around shower and trim in Delaney’s bathroom
Change shelving/cabinets over toilets in both bathrooms
Change flooring in Delaney’s bathroom
Buy new rug for floor in both bathrooms
Paint walls in boy’s bathroom
Paint trim and baseboards in boy’s bathroom
Install lighting over Delaney’s sink
Frame out both mirrors
Change light fixture in boy’s bathroom
Clean overhead lights in both bathrooms
Add storage in boy’s bathroom- somehow

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