Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Bat-Tastic Halloween!

Our Halloween was drizzly and cold, but we braved the weather and went trick or treating anyway!   After all, it’s all about the children, right?  We got, and gave out, enough Halloween candy to last two months!  It was our first time trick or treating in our new neighborhood, and we had a great time!  I had planned to take pictures of the tricked out houses, but the rain kept my camera in my pocket!  My oldest son ran around with his friends, and Gavin invited a friend to go with us.  By the time we made it back to our house, both of the kids were being carried by their daddy’s. My 16 year old daughter and her friend sat in our garage and passed out candy.

Batman and Monarch Butterfly

My little Zombie!!

Makeup courtesy of his Big Sis.


The Monster Mash!  Baseball player, Monopoly, Butterfly, and Super Hero from Expendables Movie?   Help me out here!
And look at the little fart trying to look up the girl's dresses.  He is learning quick!!


Batman and BatGirl

Robin Hood and Batman

Batman and Batgirl


Batman and Spiderman


And that was Halloween 2012 at the Parrish house?  What were you or your children dressed up as this year?  My sister-in-law and her family always have a theme and they look so cute every year!  They are in Austin where the weather is fantastic at this time a year.  Here is a picture of what they wore this year.

Gypsie's and Pirate's

I bought something new for my master bathroom today.  Something I love.  I will show it to you soon!

Happy Halloween everyone!  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Pinterest Challenge- A Gallery Wall

Good afternoon!  Well, for us it is, because we have power, and also be cause we don’t have school today!  That means I don’t have to work!  Yay!!  My heart goes out to all of the people affected by the storm.  My husband, Jason worked all night long staying on top of it and keeping the folks of north central West Virginia informed.  He came home some time early this morning and conked out.  I am trying to keep everyone contained so he can sleep.  That is not easy with three kids running around!  Two (Gavin and Coleton) who fight like cats and dogs.  It is snowing outside for the first time this year, and my 4 year old Gavin is super psyched!  Here is a picture looking out at our back deck:

A strange combination, fallen leaves, a jack-o-lantern, and snow!

We usually have the deck furniture stored for the winter before it snows.  We didn't make it this year!
So, let's get to what I am really posting about this morning.  The fall pinterest challenge!  Some of you may know that I am obsessed with this blog  Reading this blog every day spawned my desire to create this blog, and introduced me to the world of blogging which I did not realize existed (I must have had my head buried in the sand)!  If you have never checked Young House Love out, and you love decorating and DIY as much as I do, you HAVE to check it out!  Trust me, you will fall in love!  Anyway, Sherri and John, along with Katie, Carmel and Sarah  have challenged people to stop pinning and start doing!  If you click on the names it will take you to the blogs of all of these lovely ladies.  And their blogs are fabulouso!!
I have pinned quite a few gallery walls onto pinterest, but I have also seen them on various blogs.  So I decided I had to have one!  The master of all gallery walls is this one:

I used John and Sherri's tutorial to create my gallery wall, and it was very helpful.  I love their tutorials!  Here are some of my other favorite gallery walls that I have pinned:

I love the how they painted the design on and then hung the gallery wall!

I am doing this!!  Colorful Basement Family Room: House Peeping
This Letter wall is so whimsical and fun!!

family photos
This is the first gallery wall I ever pinned!  Still love it too!

And here is my gallery wall!  I put it in the hallway leading to the bedrooms and the boy's bathroom.  This hallway desperately needs paint on the walls, but I went ahead and hung the frames because we are limited on storage here and I couldn't take having all of these frames sitting around my house any longer!  When I pain I will just take them all down and paint over the nails and then hang them all again.  I also plan to add things onto my walls and change them out over time.  
IMG_0752 (1)
Looking down the hallway toward the bedroom

IMG_0756 (1)

Left Wall

IMG_0753 (1)
Another View of the Left Wall

Right Wall

Another View of the Right Wall

IMG_0758 (1)
I found this quote on Pinterest and printed it out.  I like it!

IMG_0761 (1)
 P is for Parrish!

   I found this letter on clearance for $2 at Barnes and Noble a week or so ago.  I need to find the letter M for Marsh to add in somewhere on the wall.  That is the last names of my two oldest children.  When I hung this up my son told me it wasn’t fair to only hang an M!

I hope you like my version of a gallery hallway!  It will look so much better after I have painted the hallway and doors.  I haven’t chosen a color yet.  I envision this hallway changing and growing quite often!  I am excited about it!  Did any of you participate in the Pinterest Challenge?  I would love to see what you did!  I can’t wait to check out the host blogs and see all of the links!

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Double Duty Dining Room

Hi all!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  I got to spend some time at home catching up on some much needed housework. My husband Jason and son Coleton ran in a 5K on Saturday, the Trick Or Trot in Bridgeport, WV.  My son came in 4th place overall!  He was excited about that.  And Jason, well...he finished, haha!  It was his first ever 5K, and he was only 40 seconds over his goal, so I think he did great!  My daughter and her friends went to the Monster Mash at Bridgeport High School on Saturday night!  They got ready here and they all looked awesome!

Update 11/01/14:  See our dining room now here and here.

Have you been watching the news about the Frankenstorm?  Well, it is all that is being discussed around here!  Jason is a meteorologist and he is watching it very closely.  He says it could possibly be the biggest storm he has ever covered in his career!  So stay tuned in to it everybody!!

We made some progress on our kitchen cabinets this weekend.  We are refnishing them, and I broke this project down into 3 sections of cabinets to make it feel more do-able.  I finished the second section on Friday evening, and the husband rehung and changed the hardware on Saturday.  I can finally see the end in sight! After they are finished it will be on to painting the walls in the kitchen and dining room.  Which brings me to what I wanted to post about.  The dining room/office.  That's right people!  We are limited on space in this house, so we had no choice but to combine the two.  I worried about this the most when we were moving into this house, but as Tim Gunn would say, we have to " make it work"!!  Actually the spacing of it all turned out OK, it doesn't feel too cramped in there.  I cleaned that room on Saturday, so I decided to go ahead and take some pictures of what it looks like now.  We still have LOTS to do in this room, but here are some pictures of what we've got going on so far. 

Looking in from the living room.  The floors are good quality oak hardwoods.  There is not much privacy out this window, lots of homes behind us.  There are old vertical blinds which we just pull up during the day.  Yes, our dog crate is in the dining room, I know I know, not the best place for it.  It used to be in our bedroom in our previous house, but there was wall to wall carpet in there.  The dog is old, and she frequently pees on the carpet.  The house was only 7 years old, and she had the carpet totally ruined.  So in the new house, we keep her confined to only the hard floors with baby gates.  So this is where her crate ended up.  Of course, we remove it if we are having a dinner party or something.  On a positive note, it has inspired me to keep the crate much cleaner on the inside!  I would like to disguise it in some way.  I also am storing some paint cans in here from another project.  See our dog Bambi sneaking into the picture?

Looking in from the kitchen

I bought this table about 8 years ago from a local furniture store named Jack's Furniture Center.  Teh black is distressed.  The top is showing wear from having three children in the house.  I have considered painting it.  I would love to buy a new one but that won't be in the cards for a looong time.  Any suggestions with what I might do to update it?  The area rug is a cream shag rug that I have owned for years.  

On the left is the living room, and on the right is the kitchen.  Check out the tackiness of stuff hanging on the regrigerator.  The only time it comes down is if we are having company.  WE live real people!  This is an antique buffet that I bought back in 1992.  The mirror came with it and it is old and antiqued.  It originally came with a dining table, chairs and a hutch, but I got rid of everything but these two pieces when I moved into my previous home. I love them and plan on keeping them forever.  Regretting that I didn't keep the hutch.  

This computer desk was purchased at Ikea when we moved in.  It is from the Vika Collection, a table top with two table legs with storage that the top just sits on.  The desk lamp is from our previous house, and I think I got it at Walmart or Target.  The wire mail storage hanging on the wall is from Marshall's.

This is a piece of photography I bought from a street vendor on a recent trip to New York City.  I think I paid $15 for it.  It needs framed.  I am not sure whether it will end up hung in this room yet.  

This is an old sketch of the Empire National Bank building in downtown Clarksburg, WV, which is where I grew up.  My husband's aunt gave this to us and I love it.  It also needs framed and will probably stay in this room.  

Look at the cord nightmare under our desk!!  EEK!  You can't see it unless you get down at floor level to take a  picture like I did! We haven't bought a desk chair yet so right now we just borrow one from the table.   Right now this is where my burlap wreath is hung.  The plan is to hang lots of shelving on this wall.  

Buffet decoration.  The two green candle holders on the left are from TJ Maxx.  I think I paid 5.99 each for them.  They are a green mercury glass.  The cork holder bottle was bought at the Hallmark store.  The flower arrangement I made, and am NOT loving it.  I am not very good with flower arrangements, but I love the flower pot, and have had it for many years.  

The window panels and rod were bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The panels were $34.99 a piece and I think the rod was $29.99.  The little stool is from Pottery Barn years ago.  

This a close up of my antique buffet.  What do you think?  Should I paint it or something?  And if so, what ideas do you have in mind?

This is the chandy.  I don't have a problem with it, except that it is in the middle of the room, and needs moved to be centered over the table.  I have considered wrapping it in twine or possibly changing out the globes, or both.  What do you think?

Here is a list of what we need to do in this room, and what I am dreaming of doing, if budget permits eventually.  
  • Paint the walls
  • Relocate the Chandelier
  • DIY the chandelier???
  • Paint the buffet???
  • Paint the table and chairs or even better, replace them??? (replacing them in my dreams)
  • Add shelving and organization over the computer desk
  • Replace the area rug (in my dreams)
  • Stencil at least one wall
  • Add bamboo blinds
  • Add art to the walls
  • Add crown molding (in my dreams)

I would love to read any suggestions anyone might have for what I can do in this room!  I want to do a stencil on at least one wall but have not decided on the exact stencil.  I am going to paint this room to coordinate with the kitchen, so have been waiting for the cabinets to be finished to pick paint colors.  They will be a color to coordinate with the window panels, which I bought just for this room.  

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my double duty dining room.  Everyone stay safe, warm and dry while you are weathering the storm.  My husband went to work at about noon today and is planning on spending the night there keeping everyone updated on the storm, staying on top of it, and doing cut ins. 

I will be linking up to the pinterest challenge hosted by on Tuesday. There are also 4 other awesome bloggers hosting the challenge.  I welcome you to subscribe to my blog!!!! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Making A Burlap Wreath

I was looking around at all of the blogs I follow recently, looking for something I could make for fall.  I came across several different styles of burlap wreaths, and fell in love!  I decided to try to make one. I found a fabulous tutorial over at Sobremesa Stories.

I used this  tutorial to make my wreath.  I used the same supplies she used to make my wreath, except mine is decorated a little differently.  The thing I love so much about this wreath is that it is so versatile.  You can change it out for every season of the year.  Now, that is my kind of wreath!  Here is the list of supplies you will need:

18” Wire wreath form – $3
Burlap Garland – $3ea (with 40% off coupon) x 3= $9
Floral wire – $1.99
Fake Flowers. – $1.50 I ended up using ones different from the picture.


I am not going to go into a full tutorial on how to make this wreath, because if you click on the link above, Lauren already did a fantastic job with that! 

Here are a couple of pictures of other burlap wreaths that are so cute!

And here is a picture of the wreath I made!

I  LOVE my new fall wreath!  It was not difficult at all.  I made it in less than 2 hours!  I will enjoy for several season's to come.  If you like it too, I would highly reccommend that you give it a whirl.  Thank you to the lovely ladies mentioned above for the great idea!!

Have you made any decorations for fall this year?

Update 11/01/14:

Spring Burlap Wreath



Sunflower Burlap Wreath:


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our 1996 Split Level

We moved into this split level home in July.  This is the Real Estate Listing when it was for sale.  We have made a few improvements to the outside of the house since we moved in.  The family we bought from replaced the front door, but in this picture it had not been replaced yet.  The shutters were a seafoam green when we moved in but the paint was badly faded.  One of the first things we did was to paint the shutters.  We chose exterior resilience paint in the color foothills .  The door has since been painted the same color.  I will post a picture with the door painted soon.  We also trimmed all of the landscaping back, it was out of control!  We power washed the sidewalk and stairs.  We could not believe how dirty they were! Seriously, we didn't realize they were even dirty until we cleaned them.  We left for a bit while they were still wet, and when we pulled back into the driveway they were so much cleaner they looked like they had been bleached!  Needless to say, it was a HUGE improvement! Here is the house now.

When we moved in the gutters were so full that when it rained they just overflowed.  We ended up paying someone to power wash the entire house, including th gutters, soffet, and facia, and they also cleaned out the gutters for us.  That was the last thing we wanted to spend money on, but I was not about to let my husband climb up and do that (he is a bit clumsy), and in the back of the house it is very far off the ground.  That is all we plan to do on the outside of the house this year, but we have several plans for next summer! 

Update 11/01/14:  See our painted handrails here.  See our fall front stoop here.  

The house is in a great neighborhood, and on a super cute street, with the cutest amber colored street lights at night.  There are so many pretty houses within walking distance.  I need to take a walk soon, and take some pictures of my favorites to post for you! 
The house needs so many updates on the inside that I could go on for days about all of the things we want to do.  It has 4 bedrooms, and three bathrooms.  We moved from a house with huge walk in closets and tons of storage, and this house has way smaller closets and less storage, so that has been our biggest challenge, especially since I LOVE clothes, and I have a ton of them!  My husband also has lots of suits plus his every day clothes.   
I am planning to post lots of pictures of the inside of the house and show you what we have done so far.  I will also show you a list of the things we plan to change in each room.  I would love it if you would join me on my journey to update this house on a very small budget, and we plan to do the majority of the work ourselves.  I am currently in the process of refinishing the kitchen cabinets.  They are nice oak cabinets, but look like they are straight out of 1988.  So far, we are extremely happy with the way they are turning out!  Pictures coming as soon as they are finished.   exterior resilience paint in the color foothills