Thursday, December 6, 2012

Using Fresh Pine As Decor

Last weekend we went to a Christmas Tree farm and bought a tree.  While we were there I picked up a bunch of stray pine tree branches and thought I might be able to use them in my Christmas decorating.  They have been sitting in a pile on our front stoop since Saturday, and yesterday evening, I got to work with them.  Believe it or not I had not worked with fresh pine before, so I was just totally winging it, but I am happy with what I came up with.  It was remarkably simple.  All I had to do was cut the branches up.  This stuff is completely amateur, but it turned out pretty well.  I made some pretty sprays to hang on our front stoop, but have not gotten outside to take pictures of where we hung them yet.  But here are the things I did with the pine in the house. 

This is just a large mason jar that I filled with small pine branches and tied a bow around. 

I just draped these pine branches atop of the pot rack light fixture and wired it a little so it would stay.  The brass bell in the forefront is from my grandparents.  She had it for as long as I can remember, and when my dad was cleaning out their house, he found it in a box with a note that said it went to me because I was the first grandchild to ever pull the strings.  If you pull the string it makes music.  I will hang it somewhere in my house at Christmas time for the rest of my life, and hopefully my daughter will too. Please overlook the walls in the background.  My kitchen is still only halfway painted!


These are the two windows in my kitchen.  We hung these snowmen facing the inside and I just placed some branches on the window sill with a red ornament. They used to be outside at our old house, but we weren't using them this year, so I thought they would be cute in the kitchen!


This is the window sill in our dining room.  More branches and some little twigs placed in the mercury glass vase. 

This is our dining room table.  This is a longaberger snowman I have had for years, and I just put some pine in it. 

I placed some fresh pine on the shelf right behind my book page Christmas trees.  To read more about these trees click here

I also filled in my stairway garland with some fresh branches.  I will show you the sprays I made for the outside in another post.  Have you decorated using fresh pine?  I would love to see how you used it! 
My daughter and I are going to Pittsburgh for our annual holiday shopping trip on Saturday!  We are going to shop till we drop!  Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do!