Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Was Here!

I hope you all had a good Christmas.  Santa was very good to us this year.  I thought I would share what he brought us!  And I will throw in some family pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I went to Target this morning and bought up a bunch of Christmas decorations for 1/2 off.  I also bought a couple of things from the Dollar Tree for 1/2 off.  I will show you to them some time this week. 
Starting today, my goal is to get this house back in shape before I have to go back to work on the 2nd.  You don’t even wanna know what a disaster it is!  I started in my bathroom today, it was badly in need of a big clean.  I cleaned every thing, including the floor, base boards, cabinets, and doors.  I may squeeze in another room this evening, and some laundry, or maybe I will just veg out in front of the TV.  My goal is at least one load of laundry and one room each day.  And I mean deep clean!  The two older children’s grandmother came over today and took all of their dirty laundry, including their sheets, and she will bring them back clean and folded.  She is going to come over and help clean their rooms too!  Super nice of her! 
This is our Christmas 2012:

On our way to Christmas Eve Service at Clarksburg Baptist Church.

Gavin would not allow us to take a picture alone with just the two of us, so here he is!

These are my children and my three niece and nephews.  By this time of the evening, Gavin was not cooperating with pictures anymore!

This is all of us. 

This is my sister and I. 

The boys putting out food for Santa’s Reindeer.

Yes, that is my 16 year old daughter in footie pajamas. 

Milk and cookies for Santa, and Gavin insisted we leave water for him too.  I have used this plate and mug since Delaney was born.  It is Lennox.

This is Gavin’s loot, a Soccer goal, a diesel works, and all of his other stuff. 



This is Coleton’s loot.  His two big gifts were the bike,  X box and Wii, and the man Uggs.  Well the shoes aren’t big, but the price tag was. 


The framed picture was Delaney’s big gift.  It is a pencil sketch a friend at school did of her.  Framing and matting is expensive!  A cozy throw, a couple of pillows for her bed, some string lights and a lamp for her room.  She needed to decorate in there.  We had painted and bought a new bed spread when we moved but that is where it stopped.  I will show pictures of it when it is more presentable.  Also, I ordered her some other things online but they never came in time.  Big bummer. 

And these were for me!  LOVE THEM!  So sparkly. 

Then to Jason’s grandma’s for Christmas Day.  This is Gavin and his nana, and his grandpa is smiling in the background. 

This is all of the kids, and Jason, with his grandma.  She is 92, and she still cooks Christmas dinner!  Fried chicken was amazing!  YUM!

Well that was our Christmas 2012.  It is hard to believe that my baby Gavin is going to be 5 years old on the 28th.  I am actually looking forward to getting Christmas put away and de clutter around here.  It always feels so fresh and clean after I do that.