Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Old House

I thought it would be fun to show you what our old house looked like.  I had this house built for me and my two kids after I went through a horrible divorce.  We lived in an old house that was set on almost 10 acres, and after the divorce, there was just no way possible for me to keep it up on my own, so I decided to sell it.  I made a significant profit, and was able to afford to build this house.  I sold all of the property except a .89 acre plot of land to build on.

It was a wonderful fresh start for me and the kids.  And we really needed it!  It took about 4 months for this house to be built.  The builder was Brian Batchellor of Batchellor Construction, and he did a wonderful job!  He had been a friend of mine and my ex husbands and I never even considered calling anyone else.  I called him, told him how much I had to spend, and he told me what kind of house I could afford for that price, so I set out to find it. I will always be grateful to Brian for that house.  He was so kind to me during that time.  I came by every day, and he always dropped everything to show me what they had been working on.   I actually was looking more for a floor plan that I liked than what it looked like from the outside.  It needed to be one story to keep the cost down.  I wanted an open floor plan and huge closets!  We also had a full unfinished basement that made that house seem so much bigger than the one we live in now.

Christmas Eve was the first night we ever spent in this house, just the three of us.  We only had a little baby tree, but we had a new home, and it was the best Christmas ever for us since the divorce.  I carefully chose every single aspect of that house all by myself, and I envisioned it all before it was there.  I found the plans for this house in a book I bought at Lowes, and I paid a draftsman $500 to draw up the plans.  I made a couple of changes, like walk in closets in every room.  I will never forget that Christmas Eve.  I cannot describe to you the feeling of peace in my soul that night.  I had done this all alone, for my children!  And would you believe that I met Jason only about 8 months after that?  They say, “if you build it he will come”, right?  Well, came he did!  We were married only 10 months later, and he changed our lives completely!  We finally felt like a complete family again!  And then Gavin came 1 1/2 years later.  Our family was truly complete! 

So, here is our old house.

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My dad built this deck for me, and the summer before we moved Jason put this patio under the deck.  We weren’t quite finished with it down there. 

This was the front living room that you entered into from the front door. 


This is obviously the kitchen.  I miss having that bar so much!I loved my kitchen!

I miss having my microwave over the stove too.  Through that door was the laundry room and then the garage. 

This dining area was between the kitchen and the family room.

This is the family room, and there is Bambi.  So much natural light in this house, and so much wide open space too. 

I miss having a mantel so much. 

This is the master bedroom.  Although this was not the way it was decorated at the time we moved.  I had changed the bedding and d├ęcor a little. 


This is the master bath.  And I had a HUGE walk in closet.  I miss that more than anything about this house.  We all had our own huge closet.  Sniff sniff. 

Coley’s room has not changed much since the old house. 


This is Delaney’s room.  We had it built in the basement when I was pregnant for Gavin.  It was the only finished part of the basement.  The next thing we had planned on doing was putting in a huge bathroom. 


This is Gavin’s room.  He still loves Thomas.


This was the kid’s bathroom.  I loved the sky light.  Delaney has her own bathroom now, and that is a very good thing. 
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This is the view from the back deck.  Beautiful hillside.  Wide open spaces. 


I loved this  house, and it made me super sad to leave it.  I loved it out there where we lived and we miss our neighbors.  But we lived a ways out, and it was really difficult for me driving the kids back and forth all of the time.  And they were so far away from all of their friends, and I began longing to live someplace more convenient.  My husband is not home in the evenings and it really started wearing on me, I felt like a taxi cab.  That was my life.  I just decided that I wanted to be happy and have more time for myself.  And I am much happier here in our new neighborhood and I have so much more time to just live!  The new house, I must admit, I do not like as much.  But the house has good bones and it is in a great neighborhood on a beautiful street.  I know I can make this house great for our family.  It is just going to take time.  With each thing I check off of the list of things to do, it feels a little more like my home.  We will get there.  And probably as soon as we do, we will move again.  That is just the way life is going to go for us.  My husband is a meteorologist, and we will move eventually for his career.  And that is OK for me.  It will give me something to blog about!