Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Kid’s Bathrooms- Look Out!

Now, I don’t get many opportunities to photograph my kid’s bathrooms, trust me.  It is all I can do to keep them clean!  Thank god my daughter gained her own bathroom when we moved here.  It has made things so much better.  She can make a disaster area in her own space instead of the boy’s space.  I usually make her clean her own bathroom, but it is never to my standards.  Occasionally I break down and clean it, and today was that day!  I also have some pictures of the boy’s bathrooms that I took not too long ago after I had cleaned one day.  I am throwing them together today, and inviting you to come in and see the good, the bad, and the ugly.  These are my kid’s bathrooms.  The BEFORE!

The Boy’s Bathroom
Not loving the cabinet over the toilet any longer.  Working with what we had when we moved.  I like shower doors because they contain the water, not so much the look of them, so I partially cover them with a shower curtain.  Jason hates the doors.   The shower curtain is from Target, so is the cabinet and the framing.  

The artwork in this room is just beach photography I took of the kids.  Luurve!


Not a fan of the lights over the sink.  Want to refinish the vanity. 



This is Delaney’s Bathroom.  Pink.  Hate the cabinet over the toilet.  Again, working with what we have.  Shower curtain is from Target.


Here is a quick before and after, DIY project I finished.  This is the before- check out the printable I framed. 


And after I finished it.  I made a mat to go behind the print from scrap book paper.  Such an improvement!  I just taped the paper on the cardboard backing, and then taped the print to that.  It really makes it pop and look less cheap.  . I still want to paint the frame, so I guess technically it is not finished.  


Notice that both bathrooms have the same exact sink.  I dislike the sinks.  Yes, I do. 


I have plans for this little shelf.  Spray paint!  Check out that flooring.  It is high on my priority list of things in need of change.  


This bathroom is in desperate need of lighting over the sink.  Pronto!


And here are a couple of little decorating updates in our master bath.  We added the pottery barn wall sconce.  It was in the master bedroom of our old house


I added three hooks below this canvas print. 


If you would like to see the entire post revealing my whole master bath click here.  Those are the three bathrooms in our home.  Guess what?  Jason and I (mostly J) finally got around to changing the light bulb over the bathtub today.  It was burned out when we moved in, in June!  Procrastinating much?

Here is a list of what we have done, and still need to do in the kid’s bathrooms:
Paint/refinish all vanities
Paint wall in Delaney’s bathroom
Paint baseboards in Delaney’s bathroom
Caulk around shower and trim in Delaney’s bathroom
Change shelving/cabinets over toilets in both bathrooms
Change flooring in Delaney’s bathroom
Buy new rug for floor in both bathrooms
Paint walls in boy’s bathroom
Paint trim and baseboards in boy’s bathroom
Install lighting over Delaney’s sink
Frame out both mirrors
Change light fixture in boy’s bathroom
Clean overhead lights in both bathrooms
Add storage in boy’s bathroom- somehow

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