Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Master Bedroom Progress

Today I want to share some progress we have made in the master bedroom.  And in my opinion it is a huge improvement!  We changed the blinds and hung curtain panels.  It just looks so much more cozy and, well, just more "me".  Every small change we make in this house makes it feel a little more like "my home".  I am slowly putting my stamp on it, as time and budget allows. If you would like to see my entire master bedroom,  I shared  with you in this post.  Here are a couple of pictures of what it looked like before the curtains and blinds.


Just off white, old, dirty looking horizontal blinds that we kept up just for privacy. 


And here are a couple of pictures of the new blinds.  We bought the same blinds that we used in our master bathroom.  They were purchased at home depot and were $39.95 each.  They are very good quality too, in case you are looking for blinds like this.  In the following pictures, the bed is not made and the room is in a little disarray.  I am just taking these to show the window treatments. 



I decided not to hang curtain rods in here.  These two windows are even placed on each side of the wall, and the dresser with the morrow is smack in the middle.  It would have been difficult to put two curtain panels up here because they would have went down behind the dresser.  So I only hung one panel on each window, to the outside of the window.  I simply purchased some oil rubbed bronze hooks at Walmart, and some oil rubbed bronzed curtain rings.  I hung them above the window, and over as far to the corner of the wall as possible, so as to not cover the window.  These are strictly decorative, you cannot close them, but there is no need to because the blinds provide very good privacy.  I usually put the blinds up during the day to let in as much natural light as possible. 
This is the money shot for all of you ladies, haha!  My husband begrudgingly hung the hooks for me. 



And here is the finished product.  Cute,  huh?  It is exactly the look I wanted.  Casual and comfortable.  The red panels were purchased at Target and I had them in my last bedroom as well.  They were in front of a curtain that got extreme light in the afternoon before, and never faded one bit!


Here are a couple of close ups of the hooks.  Very simple and much less expensive than curtain rods.  I think they were $3.00 for a package of three, and I bought two packages.  The curtain rings were less than $5.  So I spent maybe $12-13 for the whole look. 


When I wash these curtains I just hang them back up wet and they don't need ironed at all.  See on the left curtain panel the pillows stacked on the floor?  That is where I throw them when we are sleeping.  Or more like every day of the week.  I usually only put all of those on during the weekends, or at least not on days that I go to work.  My husband makes the bed during the week, and he never puts them on, so I just gave up about it years ago! 


Look at that ancient television.  It looks so bad in pictures.  Maybe one day we will have a nice flat screen sitting here.  Anyway, we marked one more thing off our to do list.  What do you think of they way we hung them? 
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