Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Room Swagged Tree

Today, I thought I would show you our second Christmas tree that is currently in our downstairs family room.  This is an artificial "skinny" tree that used to be in our old house.  We opted for a real tree this year for our main Christmas Tree You can see pictures of it and the story of where we got it by clicking here.  We still had this tree so we decided to put it downstairs.  Well, I decided to put it down there.  My husband is a scrooge and doesn't see a need for the second tree, but he and the boys put it up anyway.  Here is a picture of them assembling the tree together.


And here is the finished tree.  I decided to "swag" the lights on this tree.  I saw it on pinterest and I thought it looked like a fun way to do it!  I like the way it turned out.  You just take the strand of lights and fold it over three times into even rows and then swirl each strand of three down the tree.  Cute huh!  Teh ornaments are just ones we had that I wasn't going to put on the main tree this year.  Gold bows, and white wooden ornaments, some random ornaments, and some Hallmark ornaments that someone seems to buy me each year.  



Update 2014: See this Tree and our upstairs living room decorated for 2014 Christmas here!

What do you think of the swagged lights?  Did any of you try something different with your tree this year?