Friday, December 28, 2012

Deals and Steals- The Day After

Of course I hit up Target the day after Christmas!  I also did go to exchange a couple of little things at the mall before they were out of everything.  I stopped in the Dollar Tree while I was walking by too.  I got some great deals, and some really cute stuff that my Christmas D├ęcor will be sporting next year. 

I looked at this wreath a million times over the Christmas season, but I held off, and ended up snatching it for $12.48 at Target!    Hopefully by next year more of my house will have the walls painted and it will pop against a grey wall.  I hung it on my dining room wall for this picture. 


Check out all of my Target goodies in a glance.  I am in love with them all!  The big Red Snowflake-ish ornaments were .50 at The Dollar Tree.  I have the perfect thing in mind for them next year. 


These felt ornaments are so cute.  I love the colors, they even math the glass ornaments I hung this year.  I got these for $1.50 a piece at Target.


I love these felt snowflakes.  Serious snowflake love going on here.  They were .50 at Target.


These two things, are not necessarily for Christmas in my opinion.  What do you think?  I have a feeling this owl is going to stick around all year.  I got him for $6 at Target, and the heart was $1.50.  It might be staying out for Valentines Day!


Lots of cute ribbon at Target on the cheap.  I can’t remember the price on this but it was half off. 


.50 at The Dollar Tree.  Cute tinsel tree.  It needs a little glue at the top. 


I usually do  not like things that you stick to the window, but Gavin likes trains, and I could not resist this one for .50 at Target.  It is down low on the french door in our kitchen.

I thought I would throw in a Pottery Barn bargain I came across online a couple of weeks ago that I could not pass up.  I bought these cute metal numbers for $2 each.  They are actually house numbers, and they come with a little ledge that screws onto a wall and the numbers sit on the ledge.  I wanted them for my house.  But of course, the ledges were sold out, only numbers left.  I decided to order a 0 and a 6, for the year Jason and I were married.  Here they are sitting on the window ledge in the kitchen. (Yes, there is a pond behind our house!)  I think they are so cute!  Not sure if they will stay here or be moved. 


Today is a very special day!  It is my youngest son, Gavin’s birthday!  He is 5 today!  The first words out of his mouth when he woke up were “I’m five!”  I always tell him I want him to stay little, and a little while ago, as I am working on this blog he asked me, “Are you mad at me?”  I said “no, why would I be?”  He said “because I grew.”  So sweet!  Of course I am not mad at him!  He has to grow.  I am just sad to see my baby growing up.  I tried to explain this to him.  He swears he will always snuggle me, even when he is a grown up man!  We’ll see if that holds up. 
Happy 5th birthday today, Gavin Dean!  You bring sunshine to even the darkest of days, and I will never stop loving you.  You are such a little gift from God.  Enjoy being 5!