Friday, December 7, 2012

Churches Converted Into Homes

Recently a very dear friend, who is a faithful supporter of my blog, sent me several links to some old churches that were converted into homes.  Well, I immediately began clicking away!  I love looking at all the pictures!  I thought it would be a great idea for a blog post!  And the perfect time of year for it, being the month of Jesus’ birth.  Enjoy! 
This church/ home was found here:
Georgian Church Home 1 Ruined Georgian Church Turned into Home


Georgian Church Home 11 Ruined Georgian Church Turned into Home

This next one was found here, I wish there were a photograph of the outside, but the inside is gorge!!:

These next pictures I found here:
This home, from 1877, was an old sandstone church in Houghton that was transformed into a modern residence in 1977. Images via Desire to Inspire.




The next home was a Gothic church from 1870 in Utrecht that was turned into a minimal contemporary home in 2009 by Zecc Architects.



What do you think, how do you feel about turning a church into a home?  I will say this.  It sure does make for a beautiful setting!  But I just don't think I could actually live in one.  I would feel like such a sinner.  That's right, I do a lot of sinning around my house, and so do you all!  Don't try to deny it!  But for me personally I would feel like my sins were tenfold or something because I was living in the house of the Lord!    (I love you, Jesus).  

A big shout out to my friend Phyllis for sending me these links.  You keep doing your research for more blog ideas, Phyllis, and I will keep posting them!  Seriously, it is so nice to have a friend who really supports me in this whole blogging adventure.  I can't remember feeling this fulfilled for a long time.  I really needed this blog in my life.  it's not that I wasn't already super busy, trust me, with 3 kiddos and a job, I was!  I just needed something that was just for me!  Something that I could do purely because I felt passionate about it, and not for a paycheck.  Something that I was in complete control of, and that I could do at my own pace.  And if I didn't feel like doing it one day, I just wouldn't.   And I think I found it!  Even my 12 year old son told me last week that I have been in a much better mood since I have started that blog.  I think he is right!  So to all of you people who are reading this last paragraph, and you do not have something like that in your lives, I strongly encourage you to go out and find it!  What do you have to lose?  Follow your bliss now, while you still can,  because one day you will certainly wish you had.