Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Few Home Goods Goodies

My daughter and I went Christmas shopping to Pittsburgh on Saturday.  We made what was supposed to be a quick stop, and turned out to be a not so quick stop, at the Tanger Outlets, then we went to the Robinson area, had lunch, went to Home Goods, and to Robinson Town Center.  Did I mention we went to Home Goods?  LOVE!!  We don’t have one around these parts, so I drool when I get to go someplace that has one.  I actually planned the whole day around it!  We were going to go to South Hills Mall, and then I looked it up and found out where a Home Goods was, and our whole day of plans changed.  I thought I would show you some of the things we bought, but not all.  Some of them were gifts for my daughter.  If you read yesterday’s post, I left off with these:
 (If not, click here)


I bought a set of four of these gorgeous mercury glass ornaments for the sole purpose of hanging them from my dining room chandelier.  They came in boxes of two, and were $4.99 each.  When I went to start hanging them, I ran into a little trouble.  Here is how it went down.


Yeah, it totally sucked!  and let me tell you those things shattered all over the place.  Luckily I got it all cleaned up before any little feet came scampering around. 


Needless to say, there are not four gorgeous mercury glass ornaments hanging from my chandelier, there is one.  A lonely little thing, he is.  But he has a beautiful and sparkly pine cone garland hanging around to keep him company.  I love it!  It was the last one on the shelf.  I put it in my buggy, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy it.  (I am bad about that, my shopping method is this:  if I think I like it I throw it in my buggy so that no one else can get it.  When I am ready to leave, I go to someplace kind of empty in the store and go through everything in my buggy, take everything out, figure out how much I should be spending, and then put only the things I am going to purchase back in.)  Anyway, I wasn’t sure if I would buy this, until some lady saw it in my buggy and was like “OMG, where did you find that, I love it!”  That was all it took, I knew it was going home with me!  LOL!  And here it is.  I originally thought I would drape it over my curtain rod in the dining room, but it just looked lonely, so it occurred to me to put it on my chandy, and it is perfect!

I also bought these colorful bird canvas prints for the green wall in my dining room.  But I want to make some sort of collage to include them in, not just the prints.  Still figuring that out.  But I love the colors and they go perfectly in there. 

I have been looking for kitchen rugs since the day I moved into this house and just cannot find the perfect rugs.  Well I found these two bath rugs and thought they might work in my kitchen.  They are reversible too.  The other side has more green than the side I have showing.  I don’t think they are the perfect rugs, but they are a huge improvement!  Even my 4 year old loves them!  He noticed them right off and laid down on them and said they are soft. 



I bought this glittery Christmas Tree candle for a candle holder on a table next to the couch. 


This is the other side table on the other end of the couch.  These mercury glass candle holders are usually on my dining room buffet, but I moved them here for Christmas.  They were a TJ Maxx find.  You can see them in my dining room here, and again here.  I love this little copper glittered Bambi.  Bambi is our dog’s name, and I knew Gavin would he think it was cute.  Now if I can just get him to keep his hands off of it. 


My son, Coleton, went to his winter formal last night.  It was his first time wearing a tie that he actually tied himself.  I think he looked like a handsome little devil, his date was one lucky girl!  I just have to brag a little and share a picture with you!  I wanted him to wear his brown dress shoes, but he insisted on wearing these.  He said “mom, all the boys are wearing them”.  Whatever!  It was not a battle I wanted to take on tonight.  When he got home he said he was the start of the show at the dance for just a few minutes when he did the worm!  Doesn't he look thrilled for me to be taking his picture?  


( I have a perfect gift in mind for my husband for Christmas.  It is the gift to top all gifts, one of those super thoughtful and sappy gifts.  But it took me ALL EVENING LONG!!!!!  And Jason, I know you are reading this.  Don’t even ask.  But it should definitely win me some major points on Christmas Day!)