Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thrifty Finds

Well, election day is over!  I had the day off yesterday, but we stayed up really late last night watching the results come in.  My 12 year old son Coleton and my 16 year old daughter Delaney actually wanted to stay up and watch, so since it was educational, and a part of history, I let them.  Coleton fell asleep before 110:00 on the couch, but Delaney was a trooper! I finally gave up waiting for Romney to concede and Obama to give a speech at about 12:30, but she was still sitting their faithfully watching it all take place.  I went to bed, but turned it on in the bedroom.  I made it until Obama started speaking, and fell asleep during his speech!  The moment I was staying awake for, and…snore!  Not that Obama was a snore, just that I was sleepy!  And the alarm clock went off way too soon this morning, so I spent the day yawning.  I came to the conclusion people should get the day AFTER election day off!  How late did you stay up to watch the results?

You all know that I love a good bargain, and I try to get out to my favorite thrifty stores as often as I can.  I thought it might be fun to share some recent thrifty finds with you.  I did not purchase all of these, but I always find some really cute stuff and I wanted to share it with you!  Last week I made a quick stop at one of my local favorite outlet stores, Gabriel Brothers, in Bridgeport.  Here are some of the things I found:

The flowers were on clearance for $2.00  They are very realistic looking in person too.  They have a spot on one of my nightstands right now.  I can’t remember the price on the scrapbooking paper, but it was way cheap.  I see so much scrapbooking paper being framed and used as wall art, I liked the patterns in these and figured I could use them somehow.  The book is just a journal with blank pages, but I loved the word and the bright green pop of color.  The storage boxes were a steal for $1 each.  Can’t beat that!  I can use them in my linen closet or over my desk when I hang shelving. 

But my favorite thing I found at Gabriel Brothers was this:


I have already hung this in my master bathroom. 

A few weeks ago I found a few cute things on clearance at Target, they were all from the same line and they were on clearance that day.



I can’t remember the price on these, but they were each less than $7.  And they are such cute pops of color!  The object on the right is a little nightlight.  How cute is that?


Today I decided to stop by Big Lots in Bridgeport after work.  I took some pictures of things I liked, but did not purchase all of them. 


Aren’t these chairs cute!  They were $129.99 each.


This little handbag was actually a lamp.  It was $15. It would be cute in a little girl's bedroom or maybe a powder room.



I liked this little canvas.  It would look cute on a gallery wall.  And the words are a nice reminder to see every day.  As you can see the price was $6.



I adored this toddler table and chairs.  I wanted to bring it home with me.



These Queen size microfiber sheets were a huge bargain for $15.  They were really soft and warm feeling too.  They came in lots of colors.




On clearance for  .75 cents, I could not resist this little tin sign.  It came home with me.  It is much more of a bright yellow and less greenish in person.



These were soapstone soap and toothbrush holders.  They were $4 and $6.  I like the little elephants.



These bathroom rugs were $15.  I wanted one for the boys’ bathroom.  I didn't get one, but now I wish I would have.



These $6 bath towels came in lots of colors and they are Tommy Hilfiger!



This canister was on the clearance shelf for $5.  Love the orange and brown!



All of the Christmas ornaments were an additional 25% off today.  And they had lots of them!  I thought these were sparkly and not cheap looking at all.



Vintage looking glass ornaments.



I wanted the green and re cupcakes.  I even put them in my buggy, but I put them back at the last minute.



I liked the shiny confetti garland.  But could not think of how I would use it.



Cute little snowman lantern.  I like snowmen because they can stay out a while past Christmas.  I wanna see this little guy all lit up!



These letters had lots of different colors.  So many ways you can use these too!



I had to take a picture of this  because I was just reading one of my fave blogs today, Honey We're Home, and Megan  posted  something that looked almost exactly like this to organize her jewelry!  Here it is on her blog:


That is so super cute!  I totally want one for my daughter and one for myself!  And the one I saw was only $8.  I love this blog, one of my favorite parts is her organizing category.  I love to organize and she gives great tips.



These mustard colored vases were on clearance for $3.50 each.  I brought a couple of these cuties home!  I'll let you know where I put them soon.



And this is my local Big Lots Store.  If you have never been to Gabriel Brother's or Big Lots, you should give them a try.  I always find something that makes it worth my trip!


I hope you enjoyed my little thrifty shopping extravaganza!  This weekend I am thinking of going to a Christmas craft show in Morgantown.  If I do, I will be sure to take lots of pictures to share!  I have never decorated this house for Christmas, and when we moved I got rid of lots of things, so I can’t remember what I still have.  We have decided to get a real tree this year for the first time!  The kids are so excited!  When I was growing up we had a real tree every year.  We would actually go and cut one down, and that is what we are hoping to do with our kids this year.  We actually have a nice big bay window right in front of our house this year for a tree!  We will have to rearrange some furniture, but we will make it work.  Do you have any favorite thrifty places you like to shop?