Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Painting Progress

I have been up to my eyeballs in trying to paint two rooms in my house this week!  I am painting the dining room and the kitchen.  And did I mention that I am cooking Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow?  Oh yes!  For my family of 5 and my parents.  So it is a fairly small group, but we will be working in the kitchen and eating in the dining room.  Everyone is just going to have to accept the fact that these two rooms will not be looking their best.  I only have certain times of the year to get things done, and they are when I am off of school for breaks.  I am painting the kitchen nook and one wall in the dining room with Behr premium plus ultra in oolong tea. and the rest of the walls the same paint in garden wall.  It is kind of a greige.  Is that a word?  Oh well!  I say it is because my good friend Chrisanne is who I got it from, and she is an English teacher!

I am also going to do a paint treatment on my backsplash to mimic subway tile.  The garden wall color will be the grout lines and the subway tiles will be a glossy white.  This is not all going to be finished this week.  It is a work in progress!  At this point, I am not completely sold on the garden wall color.  It is a little darker than I planned.  I finished a couple of walls after dark last night, and it looked pretty dark, but in the morning light it looks a lot lighter.  I am going to keep trudging on with this color because I may like it better once I have that glossy white backsplash finished.  Also I plan to do a paint treatment on the green wall in the dining room.  Either a stencil or something using painter’s tape, so that will lighten it up a bit too.  So that is my story and I’m sticking to it!  So here are some pictures of the paint progress.  And beware of the massive mess in my house.  It happens when you are in the midst of painting.  I am getting my daughter on that today so this house will be decent for Thanksgiving tomorrow!!

Update 11/1/14:  See the current state of our kitchen here,  here and here.

Welcome to my disaster, proceed with caution!


I am trying to choose a color to paint my door.  Any ideas?  Anything but white.  It shows fingerprints too much and I am over it!



How do you like my son’s dirty sock lying on the floor?  Nice!  I believe he ran three miles in those socks yesterday, which is why it will not be picked up by me!  Ha ha!



This is the color contrast.  It is difficult to capture on camera.  I wish the paint were a shade or two lighter I think.   Ignore the trim.  I plan to paint it too so I am  not being too careful. 



The dining room is a more accurate portrayal of the colors.  Oh God!  I wish I could take a sharpie and black out that whole doorway to the living room!  Toys on the floor pillows and blankets on the furniture.  I have not touched this room since we moved everything in.  It is on the to do list.  I have been waiting for a new sofa to decide on a color scheme.  The window treatment was here when we moved in. 


That black mat has got to go!  But it is signed by the photographer.  Any ideas on something I could do to lighten it up without losing that autograph?

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!  Relax and enjoy your families!  That is what Thanksgiving is all about, family.  And the food!