Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Master Bedroom

Today I am inviting you to take a peek into our Master Bedroom the way it is right now.  Welcome to our boudoir!!  This room is pretty much the only room in the house that we actually painted BEFORE we moved in.  And that was because I placed it as top priority because I knew once all of that heavy furniture was in there it would be virtually impossible.  So, I worked day and night and made sure it was done.  But there is still work to be done in this room.  Here is a peak into our master bedroom. 

Update 11/01/14:  See the current state of our master bedroom here.  

Looking in from the hallway.
This room is small, but not too small to be comfortable.  I would love a master bedroom with a seating area, but that did not happen for this house.  Maybe the next house!

Looking in from master bath
The queen size bed and the matching furniture were purchased at Elder Beerman Home Store several years ago.  It is nice solid wood furniture.  

Another view from mast bath
The bench at the foot of my bed is a cedar hope chest.  My parents bought it for me years ago.  It is a very nice piece of furniture, but I would like something more modern here.  Right now I have a blanket sitting on top because it does not match my decor.  

These are my Goodwill lamps.

This desk above was given to me from my grandparents.  I painted it a year ago, but did a really crappy job.  It needs done properly.  I still have not put the hardware back on it because it is really weird.  I can't figure out how to do it.    The red frame is little felt roses.  It is from Pier One.  

To the left is the hallway, to the right the closet.

This picture is the most realistic one of the actual wall color. The chair was made in Amish Country in Sugar Creek Ohio.  It is a mission style solid cherry wood.  I can't remember where I bought this canvas, probably at Target.  And the candle holders are Goodwill makeovers.  Do you see that hideous hunter green dresser from the 90's?  Yeah, it used to be in my master closet, hidden away.  I had not choice but to keep it for now because I desperately need the storage, but it needs a MAJOR update.  I can see it in the near future!  Right now I have a tablecloth thrown across it to try and disguise it a little.  The table cloth was a gift from my sister from Afghanistan.  

Nice size windows.  

These are my ugly horizontal blinds.  Hate them!  They have gotta go.  There is a huge tree right outside these windows, and when the leaves are still on it is completely private, but when the leaves fall, there are tons of homes behind us.  Do you see that televison???  It is ancient, and I totally want a nice flat screen sitting there!  The red leather jewelry box was an anniversary gift from Jason one year.  I do love the windows in this house.  They have a nice wide ledge so you can decorate inside them!

Looking into the master bath

This is Jason's dresser.  I hate the way it is decorated.  He piles all of his crap (2 phones, a pager, checkbook, keys, receipts, etc.) all over.  I keep putting things on it that he can put stuff in, and he keeps piling them on top of the dresser.  The canvas over the dresser is from Target.  That full size mirror was a gift from my honey for my last birthday.  I picked it out at Lowe's and I love it!  The hamper next to it is from Pottery Barn.  You can also see the contrast of the wall to the left of the mirror and to the right.  The one on the right is two shades darker on the paint sample card.  

Master bath to left, hallway to right.

If you look carefully you sill see behind the bedroom door is a shoe rack for my husband's shoes.  We are VERY limited on space in this house.  I need a better solution because that is just ugly.  I also have hoodies hanging on the back of the door.  No place else to put them, again.  

I actually love the ceiling.

 You can see I painted that little ridge to match the walls. 

My DIY wall art.

That metal basket was purchased at Coldwater Creek a couple of years ago.  

In some of the pictures the walls have a yellowish look.  They look more tan in person.  There is an accent wall that is two shades darker than the other three walls.  It is the wall leading to the bathroom.  The paint is Valspar signature latex satin with the paint and primer in one product.  It is from Lowes.  The three lighter walls are the color Worn Path, and the accent wall is called Tanned Leather.  The trim is Behr premium plus interior semi-gloss enamel in ultra pure white, just because it was here in this house when we moved in and we used what we had.  

Here is a list of what we have done already and what we need to do in this room, and what I am dreaming of doing, if budget permits eventually.  

  • Replace or make over the ceiling fan (dreaming of replacing it).  I would love a chandy, but I need that fan in the summer!
  • Purchase bamboo blinds to match the one in master bath.
  • Hang curtains.
  • Paint ugly green dresser and replace the knobs.
  • Repaint the antique black desk to the right of my bed.
  • Find a better storage solution for my husband's shoes.
  • Reupholster cedar chest at foot of my bed, (dreaming of replacing it).
  • Replace flooring to hard woods ( this one is really a dream, don't know if it will ever happen).
  • Purchase new bedding and pillows.
  • Replace hardware on doors.
  • Paint doors.
  • Better accessories and decorations.  
  • Purchase flat screen TV.
  • Paint walls.  
  • Install new closet organizer.
  • Repaint trim.
I will post pictures as we keep chugging along in this room.  But right now it is one of the most finished rooms in the house, so there are many other higher priorities.  

My husband is going to take down the last section of cabinets doors in the kitchen this coming weekend.  I am hoping to have it all done by Thanksgiving.  I can't wait to show the before and after!  I'm off to a fundraiser event for the March of Dimes in a few minutes.  It is a chef's auction!  It is a great event with lots of local chef's represented.  Good food, good wine, good cause!  My husband is the host tonight so I am going to show him, and the March of Dimes, my support!  No school tomorrow.  Have a great evening everyone!  And please don't forget to vote tomorrow!