Monday, November 12, 2012

My Master Bath

This is a post about my master bathroom!  However, today is Veteran’s Day, and We all went to the Veteran’s Day Parade to honor our veteran’s.  My husband and my son Coleton were actually in the parade, and wouldn’t you know that my camera battery died right before it was time for both of them?  Jason was there with WBOY and Snowbird.  Coleton was there with his 4-H Club.  It was a very nice parade and here are a few pictures from it. 

This is Gavin and I ready to collect some candy.  The other few pictures I just thought turned out really pretty.  It was a beautiful and warm day, and my heart swelled with gratitude watching all of the veteran’s go by. 



Update 11/01/14:  See the current state of our master bathroom here.

So this is our master bathroom, and believe me when I say, it needs work!  I pretty much just put everything from our old master bathroom in here.  It will have to do for right now.  This bathroom has good and bad qualities.  My favorite part of this room are the high ceilings, and the window.  It is also a fairly spacious room.  My husband and I are not tripping over each other if we are both trying to get ready.  This room has a lot of potential.  The color on the walls was this color when we bought it.  That is going to change as soon as I can get around to it. 

This is a good shot to point out some things I do not like about this room.  First and foremost, that horrible light fixture over the sink.  I despise that the most.  It had clear bulbs in it when we moved in.  I changed them to soft white ones, and it did soften things up some, but I will be changing that baby!  The carpenter grade mirror is crying out to be framed.  The vanity is just OK, but the sink and counters are awful  The tile is not my favorite either.  The towel bar hanging right there is not in a good spot for us.  The white mirror with hanging pegs was bought at Target many years ago.  The little cabinet over the toilet was too.  All of our perfume and cologne is in there.  The metal bin on the toilet is from Pottery Barn, it holds whatever books I am currently reading, I read in the bath.  I had some in other sizes and have not found them since we moved, which is strange because I used them to put random bathroom items in to move over to this house.  The metal sculpture over the toilet is from Pier One.  The stool next to the sink is from Ikea.  I had a place for it under the counter at my old house where I would sit and get ready, but there is no place like that here.  Luckily it fits right there for now because I cannot stand to get ready standing up.  I just pull it out and scoot that makeup mirror up and do my makeup there.  I need to eventually purchase something that will fit in that spot a little better.  


The black cabinet you see here is the one thing I did buy specifically for this room.  I found it at Marshalls for $75.  I was looking for more storage for towels.  It fits our towels perfectly.  It will look a lot better in the room once I have had a chance to do some work in here.  Right now the towel bar is holding my long necklaces.  Remember, we are limited on storage here.  The towel bar will come down eventually and I will have to find another solution. The black towels are from Target, the scrub brush is from Pier One, the black memory foam mat is from Target. 


And this, my friends, is the world’s smallest shower!  This shower totally sucks, and I would have never realized it from just looking at the house.  It took me actually taking my first shower in it for it to dawn on me.  First of all the shower door was in disrepair when we moved in.  It took my husband many frustrating hours to get it fixed.  Actually he never did fix it on his own, his dad finally helped him.  It would not close properly at the bottom.  Well it is finally fixed and closing properly.  When we moved in water would leak out from under the door.  I re-caulked it and that is not happening anymore.  But there are other parts of it where I need to remove the old caulk and re-caulk again.  The caulk is just gross from being old.  This is the shower curtain from our old bathroom.  I put it up to try and disguise the shower door for now.  I would LOVE to replace that door!  Well, the whole shower to be exact.  It is so small in there that I have to turn the spray towards the inside wall to wash my hair and condition it, and I have to turn it off to shave.  There is no place to prop my leg up to shave.  My old shower was nice and roomy and had two little seats which were perfect for shaving.  Boy do I miss that shower.  The white shower bar was the only one I could find in a small enough size to fit.  I need to paint it or something.  I had to put a shower caddy in there because there is no place to put anything.  I got it at Target.  It is an oil rubbed bronze, which I would love for all of the fixtures in this room eventually. 


I am a HUGE bath taking girl!  I take at least 3-4 per week.  I only wash my hair every other day, so on the days I am not washing my hair, I am soaking in the tub.  I am glad it does not have jets because I never used the ones in my old bathtub, and they are a pain to clean.  The bathroom door opens in front of it.  I don’t mind this tub, except it is a little too long and I keep sliding down into the tub when I am trying to relax in it.  I need to buy something to put on the bottom to keep me from sliding.  I like the window and the fact that there is a nice wide ledge.  The window panel was purchased at Target and was in the dining room of our old house.   I hung both the shower curtain and the window panel to mimic each other. The curtain rod is just a brushed nickel and I bought it at Target.  The blind is another new thing I did buy just for this room.  It is a bamboo blind I ordered from Home Depot.  I love it!  It is very good quality when you are looking at it in person.  I honestly don’t remember where I bought the nick knack in the window ledge.  I think most of them were bought at Pier One.  If you look closely on the left wall, you can see where I took down a hand towel holder from this wall.  Who would hang a hand towel holder right here?


And this is my lovely sink!  NOT!  First off, it is just a builder grade oak vanity.  I plan to paint it and change out the knobs at some point.  The counters are the worst.  I don’t know what this material is even called, but it has pinkish burgundy swirls.  I hate them!  And every sink in all three bathrooms is the same!  Ugh!  I would love to change out the counter and sink.  And the builder grade mirror needs something too.  If you look closely, you can see in between the sink and mirror are some little square places that need patched and painted.  There were old metal soap and toothbrush holders attached to the wall.  I ripped them out and said I could live with those little places that needed patched until I pain in here.  That is how bad I hated those things.  That makeup mirror is not particularly pretty but I can’t live without it for applying my makeup.  The soap dispenser and matching item are from my old bathroom, bought at Target.  In the mirror you can see the back of the bathroom door is where we hang our towels and my robe. 


If you look closely, you can see that the wall needs repaired under the hand towel.  What a fiasco that turned out to be.  I asked my father in law to come over and change a two plug outlet into a four plug outlet.  He is an electrician and said it would be simple.  Well it wasn’t that simple!  For some reason he had a very hard time with it.  He said he had never had that much problem doing a simple job like that.  Anyway, the wall was pretty torn up and still needs fixed, but it can wait until I paint in here.  This lamp is old, but I bought it at Pier One, and I still like it.  The hand towel is from Target, the tissue holder is Longaberger, and the little ring holder is Lennox.  I saw this lamp in a picture on the Southern Hospitality Blog that I read daily.  Here it is:

Isn’t that funny?  She has the exact same lamp!

IMG_0781 (1)

Just a close up for your viewing pleasure of my pink swirls. 

IMG_0782 (1)

Do you hate them as much as I do?


Do you remember this picture from a recent post?  I bought it for $29.99 at Gabriel Brother’s a few weeks ago.  I love it, and I finally hung it up.  The plan is to put some kind of interesting hooks below to hang decorative towels.  I don’t plan to use a towel rack.  I am thinking of some I have seen around that look like vintage door knobs for under this picture.  It is hung a little high specifically because I plan to hang something under it eventually. 

Here is a list of what we have done already and what we need to do in this room, and what I am dreaming of doing, if budget permits eventually.
  • Purchase a cabinet to  hold towels.
  • Caulk under the shower door.
  • Repair Shower door.
  • Remove ugly soap, towel and toothbrush holders from wall.
  • Re-caulk other areas of shower door.
  • Paint walls.
  • paint vanity and put on new knobs.
  • replace counter and sink. (Dreaming)
  • replace light fixture over sink.
  • Frame out Mirror over sink.
  • Install chandelier over bathtub.
  • Replace shower door. (Dreaming)
  • Paint grout on floor and paint small accent tiles. 
  • Replace ceramic tile. (Dreaming)
  • Install shelves on left wall over bathtub. 
  • Remove towel rack.
  • Replace silver toilet paper and hand towel holders.
  • Completely rip out shower and bathtub and replace. (This is merely a dream and will never happen)
  • Patch wall where things were removed.
  • Replace faucets in shower and tub area.

I hope you all enjoyed my master bathroom tour.  A lot to do in this room!  I enjoyed my day off today.  I hope you had the day off today as well and got to get outside and enjoy the day.  Come back tomorrow for more Trash-tastic Tuesday!  It's a great one!  Like seriously, it is my favorite one yet.  I was so psyched that I found these items that I did a little jig!  I had a huge score at the mission on Saturday!