Friday, November 16, 2012

Local Antiques- Bridgeport, WV

Last weekend was a great weekend to do a little Antique shopping, and that is exactly what my husband and I did!  If you live in or around Harrison County, you may have noticed this building off of I-79 near the Meadowbrook exit with a big sign that says Antiques.  Well, I have driven by there probably a million times and I finally said I need to go there.  So off we went.  We pulled in at around the same time as two other cars.  The owner was standing at the door, and he told us that the place is not open for business hours.  OH NO!!  Big disappointment!  But he was nice, probably because it was a beautiful day, and he told us we could take a look around for about 10 minutes.  And, Oh my, were we in for a TREAT!!  I can never express enough what heaven it was walking through this building, and even on the outside!

The owner’s name is George Shahady.  He was a super nice man, and very knowledgeable. I came to find out that his wife is a colleague of mine in the school system.  I talk to her a lot professionally, and had no idea that her husband was an antique dealer!  How that slipped by me I don’t know.  Shahady’s Antiques used to be open for business on Main Street in Bridgeport, but some time after 9-11, he moved to this location, and no longer keeps regular business hours.  But trust me, he still does plenty of business!  I introduced myself and told him a little about my blog, and he allowed me to take a few pictures.  I asked him if I could come back another time when there was more time and take more pictures and talk to him more, and he gave me his card.  I am hoping to get back over there, because there was so much to see and share!  I was only there for probably 15 minutes and I snapped every shot I could, but I would love to be able to get details about the items I see from him.  That wasn’t possible on this day.   He also has other building on the property stocked full of stuff that we didn’t get to go into.  I am so excited to share the pictures I took with you!  I can’t give you prices or details, but I hope you enjoy just looking like we did.  Because this place was AMAZING!!  I can’t believe it is less than 5 minutes from my front door!  My husband was equally amazed with this place. 

 Antique Warehouse


Can you say LETTER HEAVEN?  I wanted every last one of these little gems.  But he said they were sold.  Sniff sniff.  Anyway, I made my husband take a picture of me with the letters.  I dearly loved them. 














With some tender loving care, this shelf could be really cool!





All of the above was sitting outside.  Now let's venture inside!  Here is some eye candy for ya!


I want to hang this window in our foyer right when you walk in the front door!  It was my favorite find for the day.  But unfortunately we could not afford to bring it home. 









My husband says there is a very similar sign outside of the Ritzy Lunch in Mount Airy, VA.  The place that The Mayberry is based on. 




I love this old window from the Bridgeport Bank.





He found this old shower at a house in Morgantown.

And the best part of the day for Gavin was that he made a new friend!  He fell in love with their dog, Lucky!  He wasted to bring him home with us.  George said someone had just dropped him off on the side of the interstate about 6 months ago and he took  him in.  And he was a great dog!

I hope you enjoyed all of the awesome pictures I took of this gem of a place right under our noses in Harrison County.  I want to do more features on places like this, so if you know of someplace interesting or cool, please let me know!  Hopefully this won't be the last time I get to blog about Shahady's Antiques.