Monday, November 19, 2012

Let’s Tour the Wilson Kitchen

I am excited today for two reasons.  The first reason is that my kitchen cabinets are dunzo!  The only thing left to do is put on the hardware and rehang.  I am impatiently waiting for sleepy head to join the land of the awakened and get to work!  I also got my little nook in the kitchen painted yesterday.  I am trying to adhere to a schedule of clean one room, do one load of laundry, and work on painting the kitchen and dining room each day. 

The second reason I am excited is that I am able to share my first tour with you of someone else’s kitchen.  Specifically my awesome friend’s Allison and Chad Wilson.  This is not a local home, but they are local folks, both from Harrison County, WV.  Several years ago they moved to Charlotte and bought a small two bedroom, one bathroom brick ranch home.  Chad is the owner of Wilsons Natural Landscaping, llc., very talented guy, if you live in the Charlotte area and need some landscaping work, he is your man!  Anyway, a little more than a year ago, they welcomed a baby girl, little Lola Adelaide, into the world, so they decided it was time for a bigger house.  They loved their property so they decided to add an addition.  So they completely renovated their kitchen, the one bathroom, and then added  a screened in porch, a family room, laundry room, master bedroom, bathroom, and let’s not forget two humongous walk in closets, one for her and one for him.  On the outside, you cannot even tell it is an addition at all.  And they did an excellent job.  I went to visit them after baby Lola was born, and I fell in love with their kitchen.  The love affair was mainly with the cabinets in particular, but the whole thing was really great.  The cabinets they had made and painted by a cabinet maker, and they are a creamy yellow.  I was smitten!  So when we bought this house, and I knew I was going to paint the oak cabinets which were living in 1990, their cabinets were the inspiration for the color I chose.    So without further ado, here is Allison, Chad, Lola,  and their kitchen renovation. 

This is Allison, Chad and Lola

And here is their kitchen!


I adore these creamy yellow handmade cabinets.  They are so simple and understated, and I love how some of them have glass fronts to show off the pretty stuff, and hide the other stuff. 


Notice the subtle darker black stripe at the top of the back splash.


The island is sort of a slate blue.  And they have a trash compactor in the island. 


I also love the stainless steel farm sink. And the Fiesta Ware.  They also made me want to start collecting these dishes!  Out this window is their screened in porch.  I want one of those too!


They are brave people to have a glass door as their pantry door!  But it actually works in the kitchen, and it was one of my favorite parts.  I could not have it in my house though, because I am already a little OCD about things, and if people could see into my pantry, look out! My family would not be able to live with me!   Also check out the refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom, love it!  I love the color combination of the buttery yellow cabinets, the pale blue walls, the sage green door, and the slate blue island.


A close up of that fantastic sink. 


This is a shot of the other side of their kitchen.  It is an eat in kitchen, and they have an antique buffet and table and chairs over there.  There are french doors that lead into the TV room.


The granite counter tops and back splash.  They are rustic looking, not shiny.  They seem like they would be easy to keep looking clean. 


A close up of the color of the island.


The floor is ceramic tile laid on a diagonal.  Look closely through the doorway, and you catch a glimpse into the living room of their new addition with the wood planked walls.  One of the walls used to be the outside of the house, and they left it brick.  It is really cool.


A shot of some of the Fiesta Ware.  They use this stuff on a daily basis, but it is still pretty.


And this is some of Allison’s great grandma’s dishes, so pretty in this cabinet!


A close up shot of the pantry door.

This is me with Allison and Chad standing in their kitchen. The shirts are obviously a joke…….but if you know Chad, it’s kinda true!  This couple are two of my favorite people in the world, and so much fun to be around.  I would love to show you some of the rest of their new addition, because it is equally as pretty.  Maybe this post will inspire them to send me some more pictures.  Hint, hint…

So what do you think of the Wilson’s kitchen renovation?  I wish I had before pictures.  I hope you enjoyed my first peek into the homes of other’s.  I will be showing you a really pretty local house next week!  And tomorrow, will be my kitchen cabinet reveal!  Stay tuned!