Monday, November 26, 2012

Let’s Tour A Home

Last week, the Williams family were kind enough to welcome me to tour their home.  I was so excited to tour my first home for what I hope will become a regular feature on my blog called Let’s Tour A Home.  And the William’s lovely home was a perfect place to start!  Not only do they have a stately and beautiful home, but what a gorgeous family!  Seriously, every single one of them are blessed in the looks department, but aside from that, they were such wonderful hosts.  Jill, the mother, is someone I have known of for many years, and I don’t recall ever having talked to her before.  Well, I just felt like I had known her for years.  She was such a doll and I almost forgot the reason I was there because I enjoyed just talking to her so much!  I hope you enjoy my first home tour.  I am no professional photographer, but I am trying to get better.  I did finally buy a better camera, (thanks to my husband for an early Christmas gift) and hopefully my pictures are improving.  The Williams family have lived in this brick colonial for the past 4 years.  It was built in 1940 by a wealthy family at the time, and you would never expect an old house like this to have so many modern conveniences.  It has 4 bedrooms, plus a maid’s quarters, and 4 bathrooms.   This house is in a beautiful older neighborhood in Clarksburg full of old historical homes.  Without further ado, meet the William’s family, and their lovely home!  Come on in…


The William’s Family

1940 Brick Colonial


This is the back patio.



The foyer is a grand entry way.  Very spacious and inviting.  I love the staircase, and to the left was a huge walk in coat closet.  The wicker sofa is an antique piece passed down by a close relative, and there is a matching table in the living room. 



She picked the holly from a bush in her yard.  Perfect. 


Standing facing the front door in the foyer.  There is a half bath to the left of the entry.  Not many houses this old would have that. 


All of the bathrooms have their original fixtures nd have not been touched.  They plan on renovating some of the bathrooms, but have not gotten to that yet.  They are renovating as time and budget allows. 


The living room is to the left of the foyer.  And look at that piano!  Wow!  This was a recently purchased item.  Jill plays.  I should have asked her to play for me.  You can also see the antique wicker table, and rocker.  And of course their beautiful Christmas tree. 


Beautiful old fireplace with more holly on the garland.


Yellow holly



Look at their dog, Rudy on the sofa!  That is her favorite position!


This room is finished, except she wants to hang drapery’s .

This is a before picture of their dining room.  And here it is now.  


To the right of the foyer is the dining room.  They have finished the renovation on this room as well. 



The furniture is antique and was passed down by a great aunt.


Check out these two antique family photograph’s that her father had framed and gave her as a gift. 


Through the dining room is the kitchen.  Here is a before picture. 



They added the butcher block island, new corian counters, and white subway tiles.  They tore down loads of wallpaper. and painted. 



The cabinets are original, and look how many!


The cabinet hardware is original as well.  The red knob is like a button.  Perfect for child safety.  She chose the colors in her kitchen based on these knobs because she wanted to keep them.  Good choice!


The copper hood is also original to the house.  Spectacular!

Love those colorful light pendants. 


Check out that door to receive and return milk bottles!  Awesomeness!


This is the breakfast nook.  Can you believe how spacious this kitchen it, being built in 1940?  The owner’s believe there used to be a wall separating these two rooms, but it was torn out during a previous renovation. 



I really love their kitchen and breakfast nook.  So pretty.  They say the only thing they would still like to do is replace this flooring.  It does have hardwoods underneath, but they would need refinished. 


To the left of the kitchen is the den.  This is where the family hangs out, watches TV and uses the computer.  Love that knotty pine!


And there they are!  Trying to stay out of our way while I tour the house!  Also love the built in shelves.  


Next we go upstairs to the master bedroom. Look at the lovely french doors. And more antique furniture that has been passed down in the family.  There were several layers of wallpaper on the master bedroom walls.  After removing quite a few layers, they gave up and painted it anyway. 






This hallway leads to the master bathroom.  Look at all of those built ins.  All of this is original and has not been renovated. 


I totally love this chandelier in the master suite hallway.


Here is the buzzer to ring the maid.  These are all over the house!


Look at this 7,000 square foot home outside of their bedroom window.  Oh, how I want to tour that house!  I hear it is a masterpiece.  Jill promised to do her best to hook me up!


Such a cute girl’s room.


Can you guess which team their son likes?



This is a room they are currently renovating.  It is going to be a tween hang out room. 


These next two rooms used to be the maid quarters, an there is a private stairwell that leads straight down to the kitchen.  The maid could not use the same stairs as the family.  Jill is using this room as her dressing room/closet.  It has a shower and a sink as well.  This space has not been renovated but it is on the list.  I was so jealous of all of this space.  All for her!


It was such a treat to get to meet this wonderful family and tour their house!  I hope you enjoyed it too!  A big huge thank you to the William’s family for welcoming me into your home!  I hope I will get to go back again sometime just to visit and not take pictures!  I’ll leave you with a couple of photo’s I snapped on my way out of their beautiful neighborhood. 




Thank you William’s family, I hope that I did your lovely home justice in my pictures!