Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's Tour A Home!

I want to tell you about one of the main things I want to do with this blog, and a big reason why I started it. I want to include other people in the community in my blog in a very big way! How many of you love to go driving around looking at houses? It has always been one of my favorite things to do! And how many of you have driven by a house, loved it, and wished that you could go inside? I adore going into other peoples homes, and getting a glimpse into how other people live and decorate their spaces. And I find that I can appreciate so many different decorating styles, even if they aren’t the same style I would use in my own home.

Anyway, I want to have a regular feature on my blog where I go and tour other people’s homes and share them with you! I read lots of blogs where people do things of this nature, but none of them are local. I think the Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Weston, Fairmont, and Morgantown areas have so many pretty or interesting houses, and I want to see them all! I think seeing a glimpse into the way other people decorate and live is interesting and inspiring to many people, especially women!

Would you be willing to welcome me into your home to take some pictures and feature it on my blog? Or if it is not possible for me to actually come there, I am also willing to feature your home on my blog if you email me some pictures of your favorite spaces around your home. Not only am I willing, I want to! Bad! If you are interested in doing this, please just comment on this post, or if you want to submit pictures for a possible feature on my blog you can email them to me at And if you don’t volunteer, I am going to ask some of you anyway, and I already have quite a few of you in mind!   If you don’t want it to be made public whose home I am featuring that is up to you. We can work out the details when you contact me. I already have some people I have asked, and they have said YES!

If you are planning a remodel in your home, I would love love love to come and take before and after pictures of your space! Or you can email me pictures. People eat that kind of stuff up!

I am super excited about this part of my blog, and I have high hopes that it is going to be a big hit! So, to all of my dear friends, I am asking you to open your heart, and your home, and let me feature it on my blog. And if we have never met, and you have found yourself reading my blog for some reason or another, I would still love to feature your home. And also, if you live far away, I would still yet, be interested in featuring your home! The possibilities are endless!