Sunday, November 4, 2012

DIY Wall Art

Let’s face it, when you are decorating your home, finding pretty art to hang on the walls can be very expensive.  It could easily break one’s budget, but  I have discovered so many budget-friendly ways to decorate with wall art that is free, or practically free.  I want to share some of them with you today.  These are all ideas that I have come across on the internet, by googling, or by reading so many amazing blogs.  One of my favorite blogs, Pop Of Pretty, did a whole series in October called 31 Days of DIY Wall Art Ideas.  I got so many great ideas from tuning in to this each day.  Seriously, if you love DIY and decorating your home, you have to check out this blog!  Her house is absolutely to die for, very pretty and whimsical, and she does the majority of decorating herself.  Very creative lady!  I want to move in with her!  Here are some pictures of her house, just a taste for you, but you can find a house tour on her blog:
Don’t you just love the cheerful colors in the entryway?  What a cheerful space to come home to.  I am IN LOVE!!

Such a pretty kitchen with the pops of green and blue.  I love the tray to the right of the stove.  It makes everything look neat and tidy. 

This living room is connected to the kitchen.  So sweet and cozy!

And here are a few shots from her DIY Wall art series!

Idea #10: Framed Shopping Bags!

When I first saw a picture of this idea on Pinterest, I loved it! What a super-creative use of designer shopping bags!   It took some detective work to trace the image back to its owner, Erica at Moth Design, but it it was worth the time.  I found a tour of her closet on her blog which is just as fabulous as the stores she shops at!    Can you say MAJOR CLOSET ENVY?!?

Framed Shopping Bags
All photo credits to Moth Design.

Can I just say shopping bag HEAVEN!!

How to Paint an Inspirational-Quote Canvas (Wall Art Idea #15)

by Kerri on October 16, 2012 · Leave a Comment
Everybody has a little artist in them somewhere. Today’s DIY wall art idea, from the archives here, is a great example of how easy it can be to create a great piece without having mad artistry skills!

diy wall decor inspirational canvas
This diy “Love Conquers All” painted canvas project has become one of my most popular posts for blog traffic.  In case you missed the tutorial earlier this year, I thought I’d share it again here as part of my 31 Days Series.

I think this canvas is perfect over a bed!  I want to try doing something like this with a canvas. 

Wall Art from Scrapbook Paper / Stationary: Idea #5 (of 31)!

I’ve used scrapbook paper and stationary for lots of projects around my home.  At $1-$3 per 12×12 sheet, it is just about the most affordable  wall art you can buy!  Plus, there are so many styles to choose from that the possibilities of what you can create with it are just about endless.
What an awesome idea is using scrapbook paper?  I am going to find someplace in my house where I can use this idea!

This blogger has my head swimming with ideas for my own home!  I have already put some of them to good use!  Here are some pictures of DIY wall art in my own home!  By the way, I apologize for the picture quality.  I am in desperate need of a new camera!

I found both of these printables for free here.


I framed these prints with two creamy colored frames I bought at Walmart.  They were from the Better Homes and Garden line and they were $12.99.  As you can see they are hanging on the wall behind my bed. 

And here is some of my own photography taken a couple of years ago on a trip to the beach.  I framed them with with frames I bought at Target.  They are in the boy’s bathroom.  Which also serves as the guest bathroom.




This is a card I bought at Kroger last weekend.  I thought it was really cute and I like the colors.  I framed it in a frame I bought at Goodwill. 


This is another print I got for free online and framed in an old frame I had lying around.  It is in my downstairs hallway.  This hallway needs a lot of work.  I like grey and yellow together.  I found it on pinterest, and I am pretty sure I found it here.



I also found this printable on pinterest.  You can find it on this website.  It is not photographing nearly as cute as it looks in person!  This is hanging in my daughter’s bathroom.  I used a frame I had lying around, but I plan to reframe it. 



Here is another print I found on pinterest!  Here is where you can find it.  I love that is is so simple, and it is a message I definitely want my kids to get!  This is hanging on my hallway gallery wall. 

IMG_0758 (1)

This is from a shopping bag I had from a recent shopping trip in NYC.  It is from a store called ZARA, and I just thought the bag was cute.  I hate the frame it is in right now, and plan to change it.  This is also in my hallway gallery wall. 


IMG_0753 (1)

I have so many other DIY wall art projects just sitting around waiting for me to have time to get to!  I worked on one in particular today.  It is something I bought at Goodwill that I made over.  It will be done tomorrow, and I will post it soon for you to see!  It is really cute!  If any of you have done something with DIY wall art, I would love to see it! 

Posting all of these pictures since starting this blog has made me realize I seriously need a new camera.  That is on the agenda for November.  I have been looking for one.  Any suggestions on a nice medium priced camera that takes great pictures?