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Our Home Story- What Has Changed in Three Years

Three Year Update

To celebrate  our three year anniversary in our home, I have made up several collages to show the progression of what has changed in three years.  I love to see befores and afters, don't you?  I have also included links underneath of each collage to the different projects we have completed. But first, wanna read our moving story?  If so, read on, if not, skip the next two paragraphs and move onto the pictures.  

Tomorrow makes exactly three years since we moved into this home, in the wake of a huge derecho. It was 96 degrees out, and we had no electricity at the house we were moving from.  The new owner's of the house we were moving out of were practically kicking us out of the house we were leaving.   They were literally sitting there with there with their moving van full before we even left with our first load.  When we did leave with our first load and came back to get our second load, they had already started moving in.  Furious can't even touch on how mad and upset I was.  We had to finish moving out with their stuff everywhere, and we inevitably ended up with stuff that was their's at our new home.  Because we had several people helping us and people got mixed up.  And since we had no electricity, we couldn't even vacuum or clean up much as we moved.  But honestly, at that point, with the new owners pushing us out the way they did, I didn't care.  I didn't even get that chance to see my old home empty, to walk around and reminisce, say goodbye. During my last moment in our house, the new people and their entire family were there.  And I felt robbed of my moment.   The house I built on my own as a single parent.  The new owner's took that moment away from me.  

And then, ironically, because of the storm, they ended up not having electricity for two weeks and didn't even end up staying there. Meanwhile, at our new home, we had electricity, and air conditioning, thank God!  And now, guess what?  Our old home is up for sale!  They have done many things to the home since they bought it that have made me cringe, some have made me cry ( I can't help it, I get attached).  And from what I have seen on the listing, I don't particularly like some of the decorating and design choices they have made (but that is to be expected).  What they changed that bothered me the most was that they uprooted a beautiful pink dogwood tree that we had planted in the front yard, ripped it out by the roots and burned it!  I was irate!  Who does that to a beautiful, healthy tree?  They did it to two trees we had planted.  We had planted them in just the right spots so that they would offer shade and privacy one day, and they ripped them out and burned them.  If I would have known that, we would have dug them up and brought them with us.  Just writing about it now makes me upset all over again.  And they are asking way more for the house than we sold it to them for, yet they have done nothing to increase the homes value.  I will be surprised if  they  get what they are asking. And is there a possibility they will know I wrote this, doubtful, but do I care? Not really, not after the way things went down when we moved.  So hopefully the next owners will be better stewards of the house.  

Let's move on to this house.  Here is how the house has changed in the past three years.  Let's start with the dining room/office, my double duty room.  This room is one of the most used rooms in our home.  There is constantly someone at the computer desk or at the table eating or doing homework or artwork.  

Dining Room/Office:

Three Year Update
What we have done so far:  
I'm already itching to paint the dining room a more neutral color, but I'm trying to hold off until the entire house is painted the first time.  Yes, I still have not made it to every room.  We still have a ceiling light that needs moved over the table in this room, and I still have plans to make over the buffet, and possibly the table and chairs.  


Three Year Update
What we have done so far:
Wow, I've done a lot in here!  And I am almost done!  I still need the paint the bar stools that match the island, and I am searching for some new rugs.  I also want to make a rustic wooden sign for this room, and maybe get new counter tops at some point, so stay tuned!

 Living room:

Three Year Update
What we have done so far:
This room is finished, except for the fact that we are going to be purchasing new furniture in the near future, and I can't wait!

Family Room: 

Three Year Update
What we have done so far: 
There have been some other recent changes, but I have not finished with them or taken pictures of them yet, so you will have to wait and see what they are!

Mudroom/Laundry room:

Three Year Update

Three Year Update

I still have to stain the door thresholds down here.  I would also like to paint the laundry closet doors, and possibly paint the wall shelf and bench a lighter color.  I am also thinking of refreshing the brown paper floors, so stay tuned for those things!


Three Year Update
Painted sisal rug ( I have since moved the sisal rug to the kitchen)
I still need to paint the spindles in this stairwell.  Other than that, this entryway is done!

Upstairs Hallway:

Three Year Update

I still need to paint all of the doors in this hallway, and I have plans to use rustic old barn beams and install them on the back wall of the hallway.  they are actually spread out in my driveway as I write this, waiting for a good cleaning, and then I can get started on the project.  

Master Bedroom:

Three Year Update
This is another room that I painted before we moved in, and I have never been happy with the paint color.  I want to repaint, but I am waiting till I have at least painted the entire house to repaint any rooms.  All of the furniture in this room is really matchy matchy, and I want to change it but honestly, I don't even know where to begin!

Master Bathroom 

Three Year Update
I still need to paint this room.  The color it is now is the color it was when we moved in.  I have some repair work to do in the shower area as well.  I am also thinking of painting the black mirrored cabinet a lighter color.  This room is fairly close to being finished.  

Miss 19 Year Old's bedroom:

Three Year Update
My daughter painted this room before we moved in, and before I started this blog.  Nothing has really changed in here except the above things I linked to.  But there is a big huge change coming soon, because this is going to be Mr. 15 Year Old's Bedroom!  They are switching rooms.  Her bedroom is currently downstairs with her own bathroom.  His bedroom is upstairs across the hall from ours. Since she no longer lives here full time, we are going to give him, and ourselves, a little more privacy.  

Mr. 7 Year Old's Bedroom 

Three Year Update
This room is by far the messiest room in our home.  He likes to play with his toys, and he doesn't want them put away!  Oh, how I wish we had a play room.  But there is no space for that in this house, so we have to jam his toys all into his bedroom.  This room has also never been painted, and I will eventually get it painted.  And I am not sure what else will happen in this room.  I guess we will see as he grows.  

Mr. 15 Year Olds' bedroom:

Three Year Update
I painted the top half of one of the walls in this bedroom with chalkboard painted before we moved in, and before blogging.  This is the room that will belong to Miss 19 Year Old soon.  I would like to paint the furniture he has at some point.  

Boys Bathroom/Guest bathroom:

Three Year Update
Yep!  that is the only thing I have done in this room!   Wait, we also installed a new toilet a couple of months ago, but I never took pictures of that or blogged about it.  I need to, because it was quite the fasco!.  It really wasn't in that bad of shape, so it got put on the back burner for three years.  But I did just purchase a granite counter top off of Craigslist for the vanity.  So I need to purchase a new sink and then rip out the old sink top and replace with the new.  Then I plan to paint the vanity, paint the walls, and I am considering adding AirStone to the bottom of the walls, because I have a whole bunch of it left over and need to use it somewhere.  So I am thinking of installing it on the bottom half of the walls, and painting the top half of the walls white.  I am also going to take down the storage cabinet over the toilet and install shelving.  

Miss 19 Year Old's bathroom:

Three Year Update
We painted this bathroom before we moved in and before blogging.  I need to write an update post about our sink makeover.  It was OK for a temporary refresh, but this entire sink and vanity are due to be replaced, and they will be at some point.  Oh also, now that this is going to be Mr. 15 Year Olds' bathroom, I feel a paint job coming on.  He does not want the feminine vibe in here.  

 Back deck:

Three Year Update
I have some more chairs that I need to spray paint.  I have plans to make a small bar with some pallets I recently acquired.  I will be doing that before summer ends.  I may eventually paint a faux area rug on the bottom deck.  But I don't have immediate plans for one.  

And that just about wraps it up for the changes that we have made over the past three years.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the progression!  And remember, you can click any of the links below each collage to go to the actual post and see larger pictures of each project.  

I can't end this post without wishing my wonderful husband a happy birthday!  Today is his birthday, and unfortunately I have to leave as soon as he gets home today to drive to Charleston for a conference all day tomorrow.  Nevertheless, happy birthday to the most wonderful man, husband, and father that I know.  I love you honey!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

16 Patriotic Decorating Ideas and Recipes


On this day, 9 Years Ago, I married my best friend.  We were married in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico, in a gazebo overlooking the ocean.  It was just the two of us.  It was a second marriage for both of us.  We had only been dating for 10 months, but I knew much sooner than that that I would spend my life with him.  I knew this was the person that I was going to grow old with, and we were never going to run out of things to talk about.  And 9 years later, we are still talking.  Marrying him was the best decision I ever made.  Funny story about our wedding day- Right before I left my hotel to go to the wedding location, I was so nervous I was shaking, so I took a big shot of whiskey.  After the wedding was over, I confessed this to LC, and he told me he had done the same exact thing!  Cheers to my husband for 9 wonderful years, and I’m hoping for many more.  Thanks LC, for making these past 9 years the best ones of my life so far! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sweet Parrish Place Style {Vol. 32}

yellow striped shirt dress1

Hey all! Welcome to my weekly style post!   Every week, I take pictures of my outfits and join other bloggers around blog land who do the same. These posts are something that I really enjoy, because I have always had a passion for fashion. I love putting together new outfits, and shopping my own closet to wear things in different ways. I wear the clothes I own forever, but I usually don’t wear any item in the exact same way more than once or twice.  As a middle school counselor, I am always looking for inspiration, and ways to be stylish, professional, and age appropriate, and I hope to provide that same inspiration to other women and mothers in similar professions or lifestyles.

Monday, June 22, 2015

New Paint Color in the Living Room

painted living room15

My goodness, this project has been a loooong time coming!  In exacty one week, it will be our three year mark of living in this house.  We finally painted our living room ya’ll (I never say ya’ll but this occasion calls for it)!  These living room walls have been calling my name since before we moved in.  But we had exactly one week to get into this house and work before move in day.  And we made the decision to paint the bedrooms first and foremost, because all the heavy furniture that would go into those rooms would make painting more difficult, do those were our priority.  In a perfect world the entire house would have received a fresh coat of paint before move in day.  But this is not a perfect world.  But I am happy to finally be able to say we painted our living room!

painted living room12

What was the hold up, you ask?  Mostly the fact that this was a daunting job.  The ceilings are very high.  When we first bought the house, we decided we would pay someone to paint the living room and the stairwell.  And so the fact that we had to open our wallets and pay someone kept us from scheduling a time to have it done, I think.  We started working on the things we could DIY, and put this off.  Then, as time went on, I started thinking we could do this ourselves, why spend the money?  It wouldn’t be the easiest job, but we could do it!  So we started with painting the stairwell.  That was by far more difficult than the living room, and we did it!  And then time just kept passing, and we kept working on other things.  And then when it turned 2015, I decided this living room would be painted before summer, and I am happy to say I made my goal! 

painted living room1

The evolution of this living room has happened in baby steps.  We actually started by hanging new curtains and getting a new rug next.  This picture below was taken after the curtains and the rug, and way before paint. 

And of course this picture below is after paint, after adding, my new MCM record player as a TV stand, and after hanging a gallery wall.  If you scroll up and down between the picture below and the picture above, you can see the difference  the new paint color makes.  It does not slap you in the face with how different it is.  It is subtle, it whispers in your ear and says “ I am better, I am warmer, I am richer, I am cleaner”.  And sometimes it whispers sweet nothings in my ear too, but that is just between me and my walls!  Ha!

painted living room2

We did break down and pay someone to paint the ceiling though.  Neither of us was about to even think about painting it ourselves.  That happened this past winter.  And it was awesome!  Our next door neighbor is a professional Painter (for you locals reading this his name is John Molina and he is awesome), so we hired him to come over here one day while we were both at work and paint the ceiling.  When I left, my ceiling was dingy and dirty and gross.  When I got home, my ceiling was bright white and clean and perfect!  I swear, If I could pay someone to do all of my painting, I just might, it was the best experience!  We debated on what to do with the beam going across the middle of the ceiling, but in the end we went with white.  I guess we could have had tried to make it look like wood, but I was afraid it would look fake.  And so white it is, and I am happy with my decision.  As for the ceiling fan, some people poo poo ceiling fans.  But this one does not bother me in the slightest, so it stays.  A friend suggested to me that we get an extension pole and hang it lower, but when I mentioned that to my husband he was adamantly against it, so it ain’t gonna happen, and that is fine with me.  I have bigger fish to fry

painted living room3

It is worth noting that we also finally framed and hung my daughter’s senior picture!  You can see it to the right of the window.  I bought the white frame at AC Moore and framed it myself. 

painted living room4

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some progress shots of us painting in here, and you may know the color we chose.  I did my research before choosing a color.  As you may know, I am an avid reader of DIY and Home d├ęcor blogs (which is what started me on my own blogging journey) and the color I chose is quite a popular one in blogging land, and every time I saw it in a room I liked it, no matter what the particular decorating style may be.  The color is Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore.  But I don’t have easy access to Benjamin Moore paint where I live, so I had the color matched at Home Depot, and the paint I used is Glidden paint in eggshell.  I am always very happy with Glidden paint, so it is the color of Gray Owl, but not the brand.  Still extremely happy with how it turned out.  I also painted all of the trim a fresh coat of white, including this window over the sofa with all of the white spindles.  The white I used is Behr Premium Plus high gloss enamel in Linen white.  This is the color I have used on all trim in my house.  I think it is important for that to be the same throughout.  I never realized how dirty and dingy these spindles and trim really were until I painted them.  They look brand new!  And just so you know, I don’t particularly love these spindles, and would probably choose to demo them out and leave it open if we did not have a 7 year old who likes to climb around like a monkey. 

painted living room5

You may have already noticed how we chose to rehang our curtains after painting.  Two curtain rods, not one!  What do you think?  The reasoning behind this is the fact that the window is so large, we were having a problem with the curtain rod sagging.  And even though we screwed something into the drywall to hold it up in the the middle, it kept coming out.  And one day it hit me, tow rods!  We never close these curtains all the way.  We close them at night so only the very middle window is left showing (for privacy).  So with these rods, we are still able to close the curtains as much as we always do, but we never have to worry about a saggy rod again!  Who wants to worry about a saggy rod, after all?  I bought these particular curtain rods in the spring at Home Goods, and I love the little glass balls on the end!

painted living room6

You can read more about our grandfather clock here.  I have some plans to spice up the clock without paint or changing anything permanently, so stay tuned!  I used to have it caddy corned in this corner, but I decided after I painted that I liked it better sitting straight on the wall.  And let me just say that it is hard to photograph when light is shining in the window.  It gets me every time. 

painted living room8

You can find a link to this deer head pillow cover and all of the pillow covers I purchased for our sofa by clicking here.  The link are at the very bottom of the post when you click the link.  They are all from Amazon.  Amazon has amazing pillow covers at great prices! 

painted living room9

This wall of our living room may be one of my favorite in the whole house.  I just love the way it is coming together.  I love the gallery wall, and I am still adding things to it as we speak.  Somebody stop me!  And look at my vintage suitcases, squeel !!!  The one on top was a gift from LC.  I purchased the blue one on the bottom for a couple of dollars at Goodwill recently, and then last week, I found the middle one on top of a trash pile on garbage day on my street !  Someone threw this beauty out!  If you follow me on Instagram I showed a more detailed shot of it last week.  And I have just one question… who would throw this out???  I’m not complaining though, because now it’s mine, ALL MINE Hahahahahaha!

painted living room10

vintage suitcases

painted living room11

My Van Gogh print was the inspiration for this entire living room.  The feathered arrows print above it came from Minted.  The piece of tin above the TV was brought home to me from Charleston, SC (praying for the people there, what a tragedy).  And the praying hands were a recent Goodwill find.  LC literally laughed at these praying hands!  I love them!  What is your opinion?

painted living room13

I also found this metal tray on top of the book case on the same day I found the praying hands.  I am going to change up the handles eventually. 

painted living room14

painted living room20

painted living room16

When you enter our home and walk up the stairs (it is a split level home), our living room is to your right.  To the left in the picture below, you can see the color we painted the stairwell as opposed to the new living room color.  The color of the stairwell is Sharky Grey from the Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot.  This color also goes down our upstairs hallway, and in our downstairs hallway.  The Sharky Grey has more brown undertones in it than the Gray Owl.  But I like the two colors next to each other like this.  It is a smooth transition. 

painted living room34

painted living room21

painted living room22

Our fireplace mantel was a Christmas gift from LC a couple of Christmas’s ago, and it was hung for a few months before we installed the Airstone surround.  It is an old barn beam from a barn in Pennsylvania, and I love it!  I think the Airstone surround really makes it perfect though.  This fireplace is the most drastic transformation in our home, I think.  I completely changed the look and feel of the whole room. 

painted living room24

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have seen my beach glass painted jars that are a recent Trashtastic Tuesday project.  This is probably how my mantle will look for the remainder of summer, with the exception of changing out the flowers for fresh ones every once in awhile, so who knows what flowers will grace the jars over the next several weeks.  Right now they are hydrangeas from our hydrangea bush in our front yard, and a couple of purple sprigs that have dried nicely and stuck around. 

painted living room25

We purchased this vintage tennis racket for $5 a couple of weeks ago at a community yard sale.  I was looking at it, and walked away without buying it, and LC stayed behind and bought it for me.  Sweet!

This is the sofa table right at the top of the stairs.  I have had a  thought pop into my mind recently that this might be a nice spot for a piano.  And I know LC would love to have a piano, so maybe we will find an old one one day who knows?  As you can see, I have not installed a cover over the light switch here.  The old one was cracked, and I need to purchase a new one. 

painted living room28

This is a view from the other side of the living room  You can see into the dining room and kitchen here.  The dining room is a complete mess right now.  You can see that the paint supplies are all sitting there on the floor from us painting this room.  I am not sure that I have ever shown you this room from this angle. 

painted living room29

You can see that if you go to the left you go down the hallway that leads to three bedrooms. You can also see LC standing there in the kitchen.  I was photographing this room very early on Saturday morning, and he and Mr. 15 Year Old were getting ready for a 10K.  I didn’t realize that someone had turned the light on in the hallway when I was taking this picture.  The new paint color goes all the way over to the bookshelf, and then the hallway is sharky grey.  I am hoping to paint all of the doors leading down this hallway at some point. 

painted living room30

painted living room31

Adding cheap wrapping paper to the back of this bookshelf really gave it new life.  You can read about that here.  You can also read about the DIY Love canvas that is on the top of the shelf here.    The green leaves in the bottle are cut from a tree in the back yard. 

painted living room33

I am very happy that I can finally say our living room is painted!  I would say it is finished, but I can’t quite say that yet because I WANT NEW FURNITURE!  So right now, we are saving for a new sofa and chair, and then this room can officially be done!  We are thinking we might be able to purchase new furniture in the fall, hopefully before Christmas. 

painted living room35

Thanks for stopping by today and seeing our living room!  If you made it through all of these pictures plus read everything, congratulations!  That was a long one!  Enjoy your week!

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